Everyone in business wants to get their new product, great offer or discounts into the hands of prospects and current customers.  However nowadays it has become increasingly more difficult to get this simple act done.  With so much junk and spam mail out in the world, both in our E-mail box and regular post office mail, secretaries, assistants and mail-rooms have begun to filter out those pieces.  So how do you get your mail through the “gate keeper” and into the hands of that important executive.

This is a question we ask ourselves everyday.  One answer could be dimensional mailers. Dimensional mail stands out among the letters, and 9×12 envelopes and looks more important.  I mean, would you throw out a nicely designed box or a package of substantial size?  I’d open it just to see what it was.  Now yes, sending a dimensional mail piece will cost more for design, packaging and printing but they have more than double the response rate of regular pieces.  In fact, according to Mailservice.com over 85% of executives said they would be more likely to open an item if it was especially large, odd-sized, or appeared to have come by a deliver service other than the USPS.

A dimensional mail piece will help you stand out among your competitors, who may be sending the same boring postcard over and over again.  A few things to remember: Your list is the most important piece to the puzzle.  If your mail is not getting to the right person or decision maker in the company, the campaign could be a bust right from the start.  Also a strong call to action should accompany the piece as well.  What’s the sense of sending an extravagant piece if you’re not going to get any feedback.  Today we want our customers to be talking back to us and asking questions.  Lastly you want to follow up with your contacts from the mailing.  Make sure they received it; not only to introduce your offer, product (whatever), but also to see if your efforts worked.

If you’ve noticed that your response rates aren’t where you think they should be, you may want to give dimensional mail a try.


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