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PURLs in Dallas, TX

PURLs, also known as personalized URLs, are one of the most powerful marketing tools out there. With PURLs, you can easily track your results and know which advertising sources work best for your business. For assistance setting up a PURL marketing program, contact AlphaGraphics in Dallas today.

How Do PURLs Work?

They might seem intimidating at first, but PURLs are quite simple when you have help from the marketing professionals at AlphaGraphics. Your PURL program will involve setting up custom website address for the different recipients of your direct marketing materials, including mobile advertising, emails, and direct mail.

What Are The Benefits Of PURLs

PURLs are an advanced marketing technique that makes advertising more effective at the same time that it makes it more affordable and efficient. Other benefits of PURLs include:

  • Collecting meaningful customer data

  • Catering your message to each audience

  • Tracking the preferences and activity of leads

  • Evaluating the effectiveness of all your marketing

  • Increasing the return on your investment

  • Improving customer retention and engagement

Whether you need postcards, other direct mail pieces, flyers, newsletters, or QR codes, we’ll help you set everything up with a unique PURL.

Get Started Today

Start reaping the benefits of using PURLs today. Not only will you get better, more helpful  information about you current and potential clients, you’ll also save money in the process. The professionals at AlphaGraphics in Dallas also make it easy for you to set up your PURL program. Simply call AlphaGraphics at (972) 241-5686 to get started, or request a free quote online.