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QR Codes in Dallas, TX

The number of mobile web users is only growing, and with that comes new ways you can effectively interact with your customers. QR codes happen to be a great way to reach your target audience! At AlphaGraphics in Dallas, our talented team can help you take advantage of QR codes that will direct customers to webpages that have been specifically designed for them. Come in today to learn how QR codes can help your business grow!

What are QR Codes?

Have you seen all the 2-dimensional barcodes that are popping up just about everywhere? Those are called QR codes! When a QR code is scanned with the camera of a mobile device, it directs the user to a certain website with relevant content intended for a specific audience. The content is typically both engaging and personal.

QR Codes as Part of Your Marketing Campaign

At AlphaGraphics, we have a variety of marketing techniques that are both informative and effective, and maybe even more so when paired with QR codes. When you place a QR code on any of your printed business materials, you are providing yet another opportunity that allows customers to engage with your business. Some great places to put your QR codes include:


·       Magazine and print ads

·       Business cards

·       Websites

·       Direct mail pieces

·       Billboards and posters

·       And more!

Marketing That Makes an Impact

Our marketing team has the experienced you need to keep your marketing campaign current. We make it a priority to keep up with new marketing technology so we can lead you in the right direction. Just come work with us to develop a system that will help your business grow!


For more information about QR codes and the benefits they provide, call us at (972) 241-5686. If you’d like pricing specifics, click here for a free quote request.