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Business Card Printing in Providence, RI


These factors determine cost for business card printing

  • Design and print business cards with AlphaGraphics Providence or Alpha graphics WalthamWhen do you need your business cards?
  • How many do you need? Typical orders are 250, 500 and 1000 but we can do fewer.
  • Do you need cards for just one person or for several people?
  • What kind of paper do you want? Gloss, semi-gloss or dull? How heavy of paper?
  • How many colors will print? Do you need to match a specific Pantone* color?
  • Printing on one side or both sides?
  • Does the card design bleed?* 
  • Do you have an existing design or do you need to come up with a design?

*See more on bleeds here. 
*See more on Pantone colors below

Business Card Printing

Supply your own design or we can start from scratch and design your business cards for you. We charge for design services by 15 minute increments, so if you know exactly what you want and don't need to see lots of versions to decide on the graphics for your business cards, we can turn graphic design services around quickly and keep your cost down. 


What information should go on my business cards?

Think about what you want on your business cards: your name (or your employees' names), address, phone or fax contact numbers, your email, web site, twitter handle, QR code or facebook fan page url are some things you might want to include. 


Logo design for business cards

Do you already have a logo design? Or do you need help designing a logo? If you have a logo already, it is best to supply us with a digital file in a high resolution format. A .pdf or vector format logo file produces a crisp, professional-looking logo on your printed business cards. Logos that are copied from web site pages are low resolution and will print with a pixelated look in most cases. If you need help with an existing logo that you have only in low resolution, we will still be able to help you, but you may need some design services to re-create your logo in high resolution format. If you have questions on this, we're happy to look at your files and help.


Types of business card designs

Lots of business cards are very simple, with a white background, a logo and contact information printed in black ink. If your business is well-suited to a straightforward look, this might be the right image for you.


Simple business card designs

Oftentimes, a simple look is made more elegant by the use of a heavier paper stock. We don't have template designs like some online printers since we specialize in custom work. But that doesn't mean it's more difficult to get great-looking business cards printed fast. It just means you won't have the same design as several other people you exchange cards with. 


Color digital printing of business cards

Most businesses today want to stand out with color. Digital printing produces high-quality printing on normal, businesscard-weight paper. This output allows printing of small orders of cards that would not have been possible to produce back in the old days of offset-only color. Most people can't tell a digitally-printed business card from one that is run on a press. If this sounds confusing, just know that you can order color cards in small quantities with no discernable compomise of quality. The limitation with digital printing is that pantone color matching of spot colors is not practical with digital output. If you need to color match your cards for consistency from print run to print run and from employee to employee, the only way to achieve this well is by running your cards on our offset press. If you are not overly concerned with this level of consistency, then you would likely be happy with digital printing.


Offset printing of business cards

With either large quantities of cards for many employees or where color matching is important, offset printing is the method of printing we use. This method allows us to use the specific spot color/pantone color, and you are assured of consistency. Offset printing also allows a wider choice of paper. Rest assured, we will be able to advise you on what kind of output is best for your business cards, given your criteria.


Paper stock

The type of paper you choose for your cards will have a big impact on the perceived quality of your cards. Heavier papers are generally perceived as being more expensive and higher quality. We can source any paper, but to keep it simple, we have a choice of two "house" weights: 80 pound or 100 pound cover stock. And we have choices of 3 "house" finishes: dull finish, semi-gloss (or silk) finish, and gloss finish paper. If there is a specific paper you want to use, however, we can source any kind of paper you like.

If you need help designing and printing your business cards, we can answer all of your questions. Just call us at 401.351.4000 or get started right away by sending us your business card design.