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Menu Printing in Providence, RI

Restaurant menu printingIt’s hard to imagine a more captive audience than that of a family dining out in a restaurant menus held in each person's hands.

At AlphaGraphics, we provide restaurant printing services, and we know that menus are prime marketing real estate. If you’re not already, you could be using custom menu printing to sell more food and beverages. If your menus could use some updating, we can help spruce up your design and promote the items that will bring you the best return. All of our printing is custom, but that doesn't mean it's more expensive; it means you get exactly what you need for your business.

Custom Menu Printing
Standard sizes for menus are typically 8.5 x 11 inches or 11 x 17 inches, but we can print any size you need, folded or unfolded, laminated or not. We print full color, single color, multi-color or black and white on glossy paper, matte paper or any kind of paper you specify. Menu printing at AlphaGraphics in Providence can be done quickly, with either a design you already have, or with one we can design for you. Need a local menu printing company? We’re ready to provide the service you need for your custom menu printing

Table Tents for Your Restaurant 
A huge opportunity in menu printing is in promoting appetizers, special drinks or desserts. These stay on the table even after the menus are picked up, and they can both promote other drinks, appetizers and desserts AND provide information for where to find you online. People always take their phones with them, so this could be the perfect opportunity to try out a social media promotion. Ask your customers to "Like" you on facebook right there! Consider offering a coupon if they do.

More Ways AlphaGraphics Providence Can Market Your Restaurant
The introduction of QR codes—perfect on table tents or placemats— is a great way to engage with your customers right while they’re most likely to want to engage with you. Or invite them to text a code to you in exchange for a special offer. Invite customers to join your mailing list. Tempt them with something special:
a free dessert, free chips and salsa or something else. It's a great way to build your database and then be able to reach your customers later with something they'll want.

Restaurant Menu Design Services
Some restaurants print a little history on their menus: how they got started, some of their best-loved specialties. Some restaurants incorporate fun graphics and images from the country of their food’s origin. Just call us and we’ll help you make great use of the opportunity to market to your customers on your menus!

Take Out Menu Printing 
Many restaurants print menus for eat-in and separate but similar tri-folded take out menus in order to improve their takeout sales. Position these near the door so that people who like your food already will take a menu home.