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Graphic Design and Layout in Providence, RI

Some of our customers provide their business card, brochure, poster or other design files all ready to print. Others need more help. If you need extra help with your design, whether that's a little or a lot, our graphic design service bills at an hourly rate. If it takes just a few minutes to get your job ready to print, we'll just charge a portion of the rate. For many of our customers, it's well worth a small price to save aggravation. We're experts, after all.

Printing Terms
If you want to hand your project off without much help, you can ensure a smooth transition by making sure your job has a few critical components. Crop marks are necessary to trim your piece to the final size it needs to be, and bleeds are required if the design is one where color or a photo print along the edge of the piece. A little more photo or design needs to "bleed" off the side(s) of the piece so that when it is trimmed, it appears to stop perfectly at the edge.

Setting Up Bleeds & Crop Marks

Packaging Your InDesign File as a .pdf

Business card with a bleed. AlphaGraphics Providence help section


Bleeds vs. non-bleeding business card designs 
The card above is set up with a bleed. A little more of the design is required so that the printing on the card appears to stop at the edge. It is actually trimmed off, using the crop marks. The design below does not bleed. None of the design elements, on the printed business cards, are right up to the edge.

Business card with no bleed. AlphaGraphics Providence help section