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So you’ve written a book—congratulations! Are you stumped on details like layout and cover design? The AlphaGraphics design team has you covered, with the skills and creativity to make your vision a reality.

We all know that an alluring design on the front cover encourages potential readers to take a look inside. Turn the book over, and a concise, impactful synopsis should draw the reader into your story. Sometimes it's the little details that inspire a reader to invest in your writing.

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At AlphaGraphics, we know that successful marketing begins with compelling designs and text that grab the attention of your target readership.


  • A visually appealing cover
  • Synopsis and biographical content
  • Page layout and design


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At AlphaGraphics, our graphic designers know what it takes to create outstanding book cover designs that grab the attention of readers. We’ll work closely with you to craft imagery that complements and enhances your storyline, compelling perusers to read on.

We’ll also provide assistance and recommendations for obtaining an ISBN number and barcodes for your book, creating a complete solution for you to self-publish your work.

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Are you ready to share your masterpiece with the world? Contact AlphaGraphics to get started!


    When you’ve finished your book, you need to be sure that it can speak for itself. One of the best ways to do that is through exceptional book design.

    At the AlphaGraphics business center in Lehi, Utah, we understand that your book is your baby. Now that the hard work is done, we want to help you design your book so you can feel good about releasing it into the world. From dust jacket designs to font styles, we’ve got you covered.



    Your book is unique. The cover should be too. Our AlphaGraphics team members in Lehi, Utah, are prepared to provide you with a publishing package that fits your budget and includes all the design options you need to create the perfect cover.


    Start by choosing between a paperback or hardback. Feel free to add a dust jacket if you would like or even make it case bound. To find out more about AlphaGraphics’ binding options, take a look at our article From Spiral Binding Cookbooks to Case Bound Books. We’ll then put you in touch with our excellent graphic design teams who will help you with the front and back covers, as well as any special designs inside the book.


    Most importantly, AlphaGraphics will help you obtain an International Standard Book Number (ISBN), which is essential to getting your book on the market. Once this is added to the back cover, you’re ready to start selling your book!



    The interior pages of the book are no less important than the outside covers. If you’re not sure how best to format elements like title pages, tables of content, copyright pages, dedications, glossaries or acknowledgements, our AlphaGraphics team can help you.


    We can even help you choose the optimal font for your book based on the genre. For example, literary books like novels and biographies are best printed in classic fonts like Garamond, Caslon, Baskerville or Goudy. In contrast, informational or artistic books like guidebooks, coffee table books or cookbooks call for more casual, sans-serif fonts that give a modern feel and are easy to read. Our team at AlphaGraphics, can help you choose the perfect font to tell your story.



    In recent years, the publishing industry has had to incorporate the internet and other digital formats into their considerations. If you’d like to put your book up for sale on Amazon or any other online bookstore, AlphaGraphics can help make sure that your book’s cover and typography are as readable and vibrant as they are in real life.


    In addition to ePublishing, we offer help with putting your book on CDs or DVDs. We want to make sure that your work is widely available so that you can get the recognition you deserve.



    The Lehi, Utah, AlphaGraphics business center is the place to go if you want your book to speak for itself and jump off the shelves. Contact us at (801) 653-2428 or request a quote below and let us bring your ideas to life.


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