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If you want your business to thrive in today’s fast paced on-the-go marketplace, an online presence is no longer optional:   it is mandatory.

By creating a professional online platform, you can showcase your products and services where people are looking to buy. Does your company have an effective online marketing strategy?

Building a successful business is like growing an apple tree.  Exposure to the right elements is key.  In order to grow revenue and build a solid customer base, you have to spread your roots—both online and on the ground.  When combined with other traditional tools, the internet provides an ideal environment for starting and sustaining customer relationships.


AlphaGraphics is equipped with the knowledge and experience to help you plant and nourish your online presence so your business can bear fruit for years to come.


  • Search engine optimization (SEO)
  • Search engine marketing (SEM)
  • Social media
  • Mobile marketing
  • Audio and video services
  • Web design and hosting
  • Email marketing

In order to flourish, your business needs to consistently apply the proper digital marketing tactics.  

These include having an easy-to-navigate website, multi-channel marketing, and a professional social media presence. Your marketing tactics should convey a consistent message across multiple channels, and encourage easy transitions from one online platform to another so your customers can reach you wherever they are.

 Online Marketing


Now, more than ever, your company must rely on online strategies to attract new business. Gone are the days of searching through a phonebook. By implementing a sound online marketing plan, you'll drive traffic to your website, improve your search engine rankings, and find new ways to interact with your target audience.


Brands and websites go hand in hand now. The tone and aesthetics of the brand and website should be cohesive and generate a seamless customer experience.


Effective email campaigns drive recipients back to the website in response to a call to action. Email marketing can also be used to reactivate old customers, incentivize current ones, or increase brand exposure to prospects.




These can be housed on a website and receive visitors from other marketing channels. Not only do they improve the visual appeal of your website, but they provide additional information and value which generates more traffic.

With so many consumers searching for and making purchases with mobile devices, a mobile-friendly website is crucial to maintaining a positive user experience for your customers.


OPEN 24/7. Store hours no longer apply.  Customers have the convenience to research and shop day and night.

SPAN ANY DISTANCE. The internet allows you to reach potential consumers across the globe, not just in your local market.

CUTS OVERHEAD. Think fewer employees, no lease or property maintenance, and no stockpiling inventory or store displays.

TRACKABLE AND PERSONAL. While online shopping may seem impersonal, the opportunities for personalization based on their needs and visit history are immense.  Plus, you can store relevant data to make it easier for them to shop again.

BUILDS RELATIONSHIPS. Follow up emails, newsletters, and personalized offers can help you increase customer retention and cultivate long-term relationships.

INTEGRATES SOCIAL MEDIA. Online marketing meshes perfectly with social networking, allowing you to reach customers on multiple platforms.

Online Marketing

Wondering where to start?  Contact the marketing team at AlphaGraphics today to schedule a strategic consultation to help you grow your online presence and reputation!


In an ever-increasing digital age, many companies are stressing an online marketing presence to continue to be a viable competitor. We think this is the case, but we really don’t like looking at it that way. We think of online marketing as the world opening up and your business being able to communicate with your consumers easier than ever before. It just takes a little know how and some effort and you are on your way to establishing more interaction with your consumers. At AlphaGraphics we are prepared to take the fuss out of online marketing and work with you to provide some solutions that reach your target audience and fit your budget.



With postage costs continuing to rise, many businesses are turning to the exponentially cheaper option of email to communicate with consumers on a regular basis. Though email is notorious as a medium for spam, it is also a powerful tool to alert your consumers to the work you are doing. Our team at AlphaGraphics Chicago North is equipped to develop quality custom emails to add to your online marketing efforts and increase interaction with consumers.

Along with email, the marketing work is buzzing about going social and using social media. Again, its important, but it's really not as difficult as it sounds. We are here to partner with you on a number of solutions to increase your online social impact. Our goal is to help create compelling online spaces for you to interact with your consumers and equip you to use social media to help your business grow.


Upload and Go!

Our website provides a send a file function. Just upload your file (preferably a .pdf) to our FTP (File Transfer Protocol) then fill out the necessary information about your project. You will be contacted soon after by one of our customer sales representatives to let you know when you should be expecting your final product.


Customizable Designs

At AlphaGraphics we offer a service that's pretty difficult to find elsewhere. Our customizable designs service allows us to give you an online access point for you to order printed pieces specific to your needs. This means we can design you a custom template for a business card, letterhead, and more that other members of your company can order online by inputting their information at the time they place the order. This allows speedy ordering and keeps the design cost down. This service has distinct advantage over online printing options that fit to predesigned, unoriginal templates.


Request an Estimate


Not sure whether you would like to print with us? Looking around for the best price? Our 'request an estimate' tool gives you the option to receive rapid response providing with with a detailed quote on what your given project will cost you. Just type out all of the project details and a representative will respond to you shortly with the cost.

With AlphaGraphics Chicago North, online printing has never been so easy and with such a high quality. Try using our Send a File or Request an Estimate tools or contact a sales representative today to discuss how you can use our customizable designs process. Contact us, send a file, or request a quote below to get started today!



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