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Paid search is a powerful tool for increasing your business’s name recognition and conversion rates.

As part of your online marketing strategy, pay-per-click (PPC) ads target audiences most receptive to your product or service without having to compete organically. 

Paid search ads are different than other types of advertising. Your business will actually be competing with other companies for keyword exposure. This gives you the ability to have your ads appear alongside organic results for those particular searches.

What does this mean?  That your website will appear right at the moment a potential customer is motivated to make a purchase.

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Paid search is the process of using pay-per-click ads on search engines like Google, Yahoo! and Bing. The prices for these ads fluctuate considerably, as advertisers must compete with one another and bid on the keywords they want.


Through effective paid search, you can direct potential customers to your web pages or landing pages in a fast and cost-effective manner. This, paired with engaging content on the pages themselves, will help you attract more business and close more sales.


Sound costly?  Not with the right approach! Working with the search engine marketing (SEM) professionals at AlphaGraphics, you'll get expert assistance in bidding and converting customers by targeting the best keywords for your PPC ads.

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Paired with an effective SEO strategy, SEM serves as an opportunity for you to drastically increase the traffic to your website, which will further enhance your natural (organic) search engine results in the long run. 

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Paid search can be a crowded market. Often times, you end up in a bidding match with your direct competitors for keywords and rankings. This can get pretty pricey, and sometimes even result in futile efforts on bidding wars that never pan out. Fortunately, working with a team of Search Engine Marketing (SEM) professionals at AlphaGraphics Chicago North gives you access to the help you need to maximize your PPC efforts. With help on getting the right keywords and conversion, we help you with the details that are most crucial for the results you need.


And it’s not just about paid search. Paid search works best when you have been taking part in effective SEO strategies. PPC drives the much need traffic to your existing site. These targeted hits add to the eventual natural search results so that your site benefits in the long term. Need help developing an effective paid search strategy? 


What is Paid Search, Pay-Per-Click and SEM?

Paid Search is taking advantage of the advertising services on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. Pricing for paid search varies per industry as companies compete with one another for the ad space for their desired keywords. Pay-Per-Click (PPC) refers to payment method associated with many paid search campaigns, emphasizing the fact that you don’t pay a dime for any advertisement that isn’t driving traffic to your site. This helps to eliminate some of the risk in your paid search efforts and ensures a better return on investment.


Search Engine Marketing is the process of harnessing the advertising power of internet users dependence on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing by making your site more likely to appear in either organic search rankings through SEO on your website, or by paid search programs like Pay-Per-Click.


How Does My Business Benefit?

Because potential customers are looking for your services online, and if you aren’t making yourself visible, you are losing those opportunities to share that important information about your products and services that you offer. Paid-search directs that potential to you in ways that will never exceed your budget and yield the right results.


Why Choose AlphaGraphics Chicago North?

With years of experience as a marketing communications company in the chicagoland area, we know what it takes to develop a successful paid search strategy to suit your business’s specific needs in a way that is specific to your industry. We work alongside you to find a custom tailored approach and follow up with the eventual implementation of your paid search efforts.



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