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4.0 out of 5.0 from 50 reviews

Fergus was great to work with at all points!! He set up a meeting with me quickly and was continuously following up with me which was much appreciated as I was balancing a lot at the time. Pricing was MUCH better than quotes we received from other companies. The folders we ordered are also much nicer than the ones we are supposed to order from our own company. They look sharper and are made out of better material. Plus, they were created locally which is a nice plus, and were therefore delivered the same day they were done. The proofs were sent back within a very timely manner. I believe it only took a week, if that, from proof approval by us to the delivery of the final product. Amazing!

Sarah R. Westin Chicago River North
Feb 14, 2018

YOu guys saved me with a last minute printing job!

Mike P. Mike Pietrzak
Feb 13, 2018

Order was processed and received very quickly!! Product is exactly what I wanted and was done perfectly!

Danielle D. John Crane
Feb 13, 2018

Both Charlotte Schultz and Fergus Calderwood were friendly and incredibly helpful through the process. Fergus was very knowledgeable concerning my files and printing needs. I was really impressed with the turnaround time and the final products were exactly what I needed.

Rob P. Intelligentsia Coffee
Feb 6, 2018

Fergus worked diligently with me to help get my files ready so that my project was perfect. We are a small nonprofit and I wear many hats, one being amateur graphic designer working without professional design tools. Fergus helped fill gaps in my knowledge about formatting and design and made lots of time for me with reviews and proofs. I am thankful to Alpha Graphics for caring about local nonprofits and helping us reach our goals.

Alex T. NFTE
Feb 6, 2018

Our banners came out beautifully and they were fast and helpful in retrieving them from the office!

Linden C. Chicago Opera Theater
Jan 16, 2018

Alphagraphics was great to work with at every step of production. Our point of contact provided prompt and informative responses to our inquiries and accommodated our budget with competitive rates. We are sure to use Alphagraphics for all our marketing and production needs this coming year 2018

Asher D. Johnson Publishing
Jan 10, 2018

You guys always rock! Love all you've done for me. And Charlotte and Fergus, and everyone else there, are always wonderful to work with!

Jeff York C. Jeff York
Jan 4, 2018

Brian Murdoch is an excellent account rep, incredibly helpful and kind, and a fantastic partner for COT. Thanks for all your help!

Chris T. Chicago Opera Theater
Jan 3, 2018

Unfortunately we do not always see the final products because they get shipped to the agents direct (I work on CONLON's Marketing Team). What we have seen looks good.

Jonathan P. Nicer Collaborative -Conlon and old personal
Jan 3, 2018

Staff were smart, helpful, creative and pleasant. In particular Catherine Lauro was exceptional.

Rand S. Rand Sparling
Jan 3, 2018

Charlotte is the kindest and easiest person to work with! Would recommend her to anyone.

Angela T. Tribune Events Group
Jan 3, 2018

Brian Murdoch was fantastic at navigating our entire project. We were on a very tight timeline and he was straightforward, honest about expectations, helped troubleshoot and communicated the changing timeline the entire time. I'd definitely work with him again. I know the team worked extra hard to get our project done on time and I appreciated it so much. The quality was perfect.

Dan C. Finn Partners
Jan 3, 2018

Alpha Graphics is hands down the best around. From Business Cards, to Marketing tools, I would recommend them to anyone. Brian Murdoch was a pleasure to work with. He was extremely helpful, and responded immediately to any questions I had.

Kelly T. McMaster Painting & Decorating
Jan 3, 2018

Francisco was extremely quick to respond and on top of the project all the way to the end, including sending a photo of where it was delivered so I’d know where to find it. Phenomenal service; wish I could use you for everything (we are just in town for a conference).

Kevin G. Creatio
Jan 3, 2018

I posted this review on Google + a couple of weeks ago: I selected AlphaGraphics primarily because Brian Murdoch is amazing. I had a small project that was really important to me and my condominium association and I contacted a number of potential options. Brian not only helped me solve my project but it was also reasonably priced and finished in a timely manner. And I traveled from Edgewater specifically because Brian was so helpful. I've used other AG locations in the past and this is by far my best experience. Thumbs up!!

Tina I. Tina
Jan 3, 2018

The poster came out fantastic and was very well received. The artist working with me was very patient and very responsive to my emails. Gave me all the information I requested. 10/10 I would absolutely recommend you guys to anyone I know.

Manal P. Manal Patel
Jan 3, 2018

Very professional. Consistent product, getting better with service.

Aisha C. Restorsea
Jan 3, 2018

Francisco Medina was so helpful and SUPER efficient!

Cat N. Cat Novak
Dec 13, 2017

Fergus Calderwood is a true pro.

Jason R. The Company Of Others FKA ReedMitchell
Dec 12, 2017

We found the staff we dealt with to be extremely helpful and efficient

Tony J. Nucleus Central
Dec 12, 2017

Fergus is awesome!

Cathy E. Market Strategy Group (LM)
Dec 12, 2017

Prompt and reliable service.

Sara S. Couples Counseling
Dec 12, 2017

Very prompt and responsive!

Emily P. L3 Hospitality Group, LLC
Dec 12, 2017

I needed a decal for a trade show that was happening at the time in Chicago. Alpha Graphics provided a competitive quote, quick service and excellent quality. Turnaround was one day. Great job!

Veeka B. Novarc
Dec 7, 2017

Fergus is a godsend.

Brody R. Packed with Purpose
Dec 5, 2017

Catherine has been an absolute pleasure to work with! She has made the journey of printing for a school an enjoyable process. We thank her and the team for their patience and guidance as we continue using Alpha for our printing services.

Rachael A. Metropolitan Schoolhouse
Dec 5, 2017

I ‘d like to remark the assistance that Catherine Lauro gave to me every time

Carolina M. Carolina Mariluis
Dec 5, 2017

My only point of feedback would be to quicken turn around on design. There are times when design team seems like it's backed up and you can't work on something that requires their work or 24-48 hs.

Leeatt R. Packed with Purpose
Dec 5, 2017

Charlotte was extremely helpful, she saved us time and money, and the products look great

Cassandra B.
Nov 10, 2017

Fergus was great to work with!

Tiffany F. Be Fido's Friend Rescue
Nov 9, 2017

Francisco was super helpful, detailed, and did great work.

Rebecca R. Califia Farms
Nov 9, 2017

It took quite a long time for me to pick up my final print and respond to emails on several occasions. Fergus was incredibly patient, helpful, and professional thought the entire process. The service during pick up was fast and very friendly.

Daniel O. Overboard Cruisers
Nov 6, 2017

AlphaGraphics is the Alpha of the business. Not the Beta, the Alpha!!!!

Matt M. Tribune Content Agency
Nov 2, 2017

Already did recommend you to someone

Sarah B. Sarah Burris
Nov 2, 2017

Very friendly, easy to deal with, and reasonably priced

Patrick G. ACGME
Nov 2, 2017

I have had nothing but exceptional service from AlphaGraphics. My contact Brian Murdoch is incredibly helpful and great to work with. Not only is the final product well made but it is done efficiently and at a low cost to us. We will continue to use AlphaGraphics for all of our printing needs.

Heather M. Professional Sports Catering
Nov 2, 2017

Fergus worked tirelessly to make sure our files were ready for print and pick-up despite our own issues with providing print-ready formats of our files. We really appreciated his guidance and patience to walk us through the process.

Sara R. The Reformation Project
Nov 2, 2017

Charlotte is helpful and responsive

Michael H. PahRoo
Nov 2, 2017

Charlotte Schultz is legitimately a LIFE SAVER! We have random, pop-up orders, for new entities, all the time. She is VERY on top of these and gets them to us SO QUICK! It's a pleasure to work with her.

Ally E. DSC Quantitative Group
Nov 2, 2017

Open offices all over the city, more locations

Bill G. Smarter Shade
Nov 2, 2017

Catherine continues to be exceptional!!!!

Catie V. Allied Integrated Marketing (CCG)
Nov 2, 2017

Charlotte is always so responsive and helpful! Makes things happen!

Rob L. Swift Passport
Nov 2, 2017

Service is always professional and timely

Carlos D. Heartland Alliance
Nov 2, 2017

AlphaGraphics continues to be our go-to company for all printing. Their customer service is always professional and we are continuously pleased with the finished product.

Karen K. College Possible
Nov 2, 2017

Staff is incredibly helpful

Shannon W. Lincoln Park High School
Nov 2, 2017

We ordered 500 business cards from Alpha Graphics for an event we had in the Chicago area. They were timely and beautiful.

Midori O. IIABA
Oct 16, 2017

This is the second year we've used Alphagraphics for our annual conference in Chicago, our office is in Atlanta. We have consistently received excellent service and prices are competitive. Fergus is fabulous to work with and has exceeded our expectations each time!

Lizabeth B. ORTEC
Oct 11, 2017

Fergus was amazingly helpful. He made the process easy and uncomplicated. We are often working with short timelines and Fergus' responsiveness helped everything move along steadily

Jackie K. Fashion Fair
Oct 10, 2017

Charlotte Schultz is amazing

Stephanie B. Brunswick Group LLC
Oct 10, 2017