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When used effectively, direct mail is an integral marketing tactic for connecting with your customers and building brand awareness.

The key to achieving direct mail success, in a rapidly digitizing world is a multi-channel approach  - so you can make the most of your marketing dollars.

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The AlphaGraphics marketing team can help you develop a direct mail campaign that integrates your direct mail materials with an online component that drives fantastic responses and immediate results. Incorporating personalized URL (PURL) landing pages, QR codes, social media, and email marketing can create a multi-faceted customer outreach strategy which will supercharge your direct mail results.



  • Use the persuasive power of print with personalized mailers
  • Engage customers across multiple channels
  • Make your direct mail campaign trackable
  • Provide measurable results
  • Dramatically improves response rates


Direct mail is a marketing strategy that uses a mail service to deliver a custom promotional printed piece to a carefully selected target audience.


  • Brochures
  • Catalogs
  • Postcards
  • Newsletters
  • Dimensional mailers
  • Flyers
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Are you ready to start getting the attention you deserve? AlphaGraphics has helped thousands of companies with their direct mail efforts. When you partner with us, you are getting expert assitance from industry professionals.



With the invention of email many thought that the age of direct mail would soon be over. Today direct mail marketing is making quite the comeback for a very practical reason. Email has become such a popular means of communication that most people find themselves inundated with emails, often hundreds every month. The sheer volume of emails necessitates an individual to navigate and often delete many per day, in fact the average time an email is open is between 15 and 20 seconds! This makes it very difficult for a marketer to get a message across via email.


The other problem with email is just the ease of deletion. Email marketing campaigns have very low response rates simply because it’s so easy to just delete them. “Opting Out” is another dilemma for Marketer’s to get their message out. Finally, and maybe most importantly, email campaigns can only target “organic” lists of customers and prospects. Unsolicited email campaigns from nonorganic can be flagged and removed. 


Direct mail marketing on the other hand has some advantages over email that people may not have thought of. First, although it’s admittedly slower, response rates and read rates are higher than emails. This stems from the fact that although most people are also inundated with direct mail pieces, it is more effort to dispose of a letter or postcard. Most people at least “sort” their mail which means they usually at least take a look at the piece. Direct mail marketing in the hands of a professional like Alphagraphics Chicago North on Michigan Avenue can design mail pieces that stand out with different sizes, shapes, and colors to more easily grab attention.


The primary advantage of direct mail marketing is that a marketer can purchase lists of prospects and mail to them, regardless of whether they have an existing relationship with the person. This is particularly important for new businesses who have yet to build up a customer base. Business lists can be very general based on geography to very specific based on particular personal traits such as sex, income, home ownership, etc. This allows a marketer to better target their audience with hopes of increasing read rates and eventually revenues.


In Chicago, we typically use lists based on geographic, demographic, and income parameters. It is frequently amazing how precise and specific lists can be from providers such as USA Data and Accuzip. If a list isn’t involved and geography is the only parameter we would always recommend utilizing the USPS EDDM program which can be found here.


At Alphagraphics we feel that Direct Mail Marketing is a tool that virtually all businesses should utilize in their overall marketing strategy. While certainly not perfect, it offers a number of advantages that cannot be overlooked and has been proven over the years to be a cost effective way to scale marketing dollars. 


Alphagraphics Chicago North is ready to help with your direct mail marketing through the entire process. We are able to help you design the piece, purchase an appropriate list, print, sort, and mail out the entire campaign. We are very experienced with these types of campaigns and look forward to speaking to you about them very soon!


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