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In general, any public accessible sign that identifies a permanent room, exit, functional space, or accessible features of a facility must comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA).

ADA guidelines help make services and facilities accessible to those with disabilities. Are your signs up to snuff? AlphaGraphics can help you design ADA-compliant signage that’s not only high-quality and functional but also looks sensational.


Learning the ins and outs of ADA compliance can be tricky. We recommend partnering with a marketing and communications company that knows the rules. Not only is AlphaGraphics up to speed on all ADA signage requirements, but we offer the latest digital and large format printing technologies needed to create a fantastic-looking finished product.

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  • Easy to read typefaces
  • Non-glare backgrounds and characters
  • High dark to light contrast between font and background
  • Appropriate letter sizing for the distance

Having an expert on your side makes all the difference when you’re a business owner. As small business owners ourselves, AlphaGraphics owners have a unique understanding of your responsibilities to your employees and clients.


Let us help make your job a little easier! Contact our team today and we’ll help you outfit your organization with accessible signage that makes a lasting impression on visitors and employees alike.


With the advent of the Americans with Disabilities Act in 1990, the way signage was used to communicate in public places changed to make it easier and more convenient for people with disabilities to get around and interpret signs. These signs help people navigate your business more easily. You can count on the experts at AlphaGraphics Dallas to help you prepare your signs and make sure they meet the regulations necessary for ADA signage.  


Businesses generally want to be accessible and easy to use for everyone. While the majority of your customers may not have disabilities that require specific signage or other access paths, it will make things that much easier for them and it also makes it easier for other customers to navigate your business. ADA signage typically includes pictograms, braille and easily legible text for easy interpretation.

You’ll want to make sure you have ADA compliant signage for permanent rooms and spaces such as restrooms, entrances and exits. They’re also used in signs which provide direction to functional spaces as well as in overhead signs. These signs are printed on materials that have a non-glare finish and in text and sizes that are easy to read from specific distances. At AlphaGraphics, we can provide the signs you need that will be both durable and ADA compliant so you can get important information to anyone who may enter your business.


Having low-grade signs that fade over time will need to be replaced regularly and can degrade the user experience at your business. Avoid this pitfall by making sure that you use durable, high-quality materials and printing and that are suitable for the location where they’re being used. We’re experts at both indoor and outdoor signage that will last for years to come.


When you are getting a new building ready, or making sure your current building is ADA compliant, turn to AlphaGraphics Dallas for help. We can make sure your designs meet ADA requirements and will print the signs on high-quality materials that will be durable for your application. We’re happy to help with projects of any size – from just a few signs to an entire business park or complex. To get started, call us at  (972) 241-5686 or request a quote online.

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