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Everyone knows that old adage: go big, or go home. Bold, vibrant banners are just about as “big” as it gets. Try giving your business a boost with AlphaGraphics outdoor banner solutions.

Embrace that part of human nature that likes things super-sized—and elevate your marketing communications with big, beautiful banners. AlphaGraphics offers customizable banners for every situation; so your trade show, store clearance, or product launch will be impossible to miss.

Outdoor Banner


  • Single or double-sided images
  • Blockout vinyl, canvas, textile, or mesh materials
  • Full-color or black and white digital printing
  • Weather, fade, and abrasion resistant ink and finishes
  • Grommets, clear tabs, hemming, and taping


  • A-frame stands
  • Outdoor pole banners
  • Tension pole stands
  • Adjustable rigid-pole stands
  • Cable display systems, and more!

Need a double-sided pole banner that can stand up to harsh weather conditions? We have the solution.


What about a banner that can be visible on both sides? Our reinforced block-out material is engineered to prevent image washout from backlighting so your graphics will be bold and vivid from either side.


We’ll help you design cohesive visuals and select the material and finish best suited for your outdoor conditions.


Outdoor Banner

Not sure what type of banner you need? That’s what we’re here for! Our team of marketing, communications, and design experts can help you design the perfect banner to suit your needs.

No matter your marketing objective, we’ve got the tools to help you hit your ROI in a BIG way. Contact us today to get started!


Tired of using the same advertising materials to promote your business? Looking for a new, fresh way to attract customers and drive sales? A custom outdoor banner from AlphaGraphics in Houston can do all this and more. With affordable pricing and countless design options, you can work with AlphaGraphics experts to create the perfect banner for your advertising needs.


While things like flyers and pamphlets are good tools for promoting events, sharing information, and distributing important messages, you typically have to print a significant amount and spend valuable time and resources to make them effective. Outdoor banners, on the other hand, offer an array of unique benefits, including:

  • Affordability: Unlike radio ads and other advanced advertising media, banners are an effective and affordable option for businesses of all sizes.
  • Targeted reach: Instead of wasting resources reaching uninterested customers, custom outdoor banners guarantee you’ll reach your intended target audience.
  • Repetition: There’s something to be said about the effectiveness of brand repetition, and having your company name and/or logo placed on an eye-catching banner in a high-traffic area will undoubtedly reach, remind, and influence your customers.
  • Reusable: Thanks to durable, high-quality materials, our banners can be used over and over again for trade shows, local events, business gatherings, annual sales, etc.
  • Effective: People pay attention to signs - period. And because of that, outdoor banners are an easily noticeable, highly effective means of advertising.

Though they may not be as cutting-edge or as high-tech as some modern forms of advertising, banners are a timeless, dependable, creative way to promote your company.


When it comes to helping you build your business with printed promotional materials, AlphaGraphics of Houston goes above and beyond to offer unique services and design options that best represent your brand and bring your dreams to life.

From start to finish, our expert AlphaGraphics designers will stand by your side to ensure your banner is exactly as you imagine. Some of the reputable design options we offer include:

  • Crisp black and white, bright full-color, and stark spot-color printing on state-of-the-art equipment
  • A wide variety of different banner shapes and sizes
  • Durable materials like waterproof, fade-resistant vinyl and durable, heavy-duty cloth
  • Display finishes like adhesive hangers, metal grommets, velcro, pop-up stands, and retractable vertical stands

Why wait to start promoting your business with an outdoor banner? Come to AlphaGraphics of Houston and work with our team of experts to design your custom outdoor banners. Give us a call at (713) 785-0300 or stop by our business center on Hammerly Boulevard. You can also request a quote online.

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