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Customer Retention

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Keeping customers engaged and reintroducing your business to former clients is critical to staying profitable. Having a solid customer retention and reactivation strategy in place will ensure that no one slips through the cracks.


At AlphaGraphics, our marketing team specializes in maintaining and renewing business relationships. The goal is simple—stay top-of-mind with your customers so there’s no question who to call when they have a need. 


Acheiving this goal, requires consistent and relevant communications to your top customers, backed by a sound marketing strategy. By anticipating and regularly meeting their needs, clients will not only come back again and again, but they’ll tell all their friends!


 Customer Retention


  • Loyalty and incentive programs
  • Promotional products for drawings or special events
  • Direct mail marketing
  • Newsletters
  • Email marketing


 Customer Retention


IDENTIFY YOUR TARGET SEGMENT: How long ago did they buy?

SET YOUR GOALS: Introduce them to new products or services, or encourage them to buy updates for previous purchases.

KNOW WHY THEY LAPSED: Was it price, or lack of interest in your offerings?

USE WHAT YOU KNOW:  Craft messages and content relevent to their interests.

MAKE IT EASY: Streamline reactivation processes.

COMMUNICATE ON ALL FRONTS: Make the most of traditional and online platforms.

Customer Retention

Already lost touch with a valuable client? Believe it or not, re-engaging former customers is much less expensive than finding and converting brand new leads.  Let us show you how to get them back in the door.

AlphaGraphics marketing professionals can help you reconnect with customers of months and years past.

Ready to get started? Contact AlphaGraphics today.


They say it is much easier to keep a customer than it is to gain a new customer. Never has this been more true. In a world where loyalty seems to be a thing of the past, there is a constant struggle to keep customers loyal to you and your brand. But there are solutions and AlphaGraphics Littleton is here to help you keep your best customers and to regain customers who have slipped away.


Customer retention needs to be an active effort – not a passing thought or knee jerk reaction when a project doesn’t go as planned. If you don’t have a plan for keeping customers active, they will slip away and you won’t even realize it until they’ve moved on. Staying solutions focused and offering new perspectives on their business will keep your clients coming back to you. If you ever stop working for them, they’ll catch on and fizzle.

In order to keep your best customers coming back over and over, consider implementing some of the following tactics to keep them engaged.

  • Direct mail marketing to keep them up to date on what you offer – you may be surprised how many services you offer that you customers have forgotten about.
  • Loyalty, incentive or referral programs – keep them coming back over and over again through loyalty programs. You can also keep customers while gaining new ones with a robust referral program that rewards loyal customers as well as the ones they refer.
  • Newsletters, whether email or printed, can be an excellent way to keep your brand and products in front of your clients.
  • Promotional and swag are also a great way to remind people about your business. Everyone loves getting a gift, especially if they’re not expecting it and are pleasantly surprised.


It’s also a good practice to periodically review your active customers and look for holes where people used to be but haven’t been back in a while. They could have disconnected for a variety of reasons and you need to remind them of the value of your partnership and why you work well together. You can regain customers through simply staying in front of them with a good message about how they are better off with you and your products. Whether this is a monthly postcard to inactive clients welcoming them back, an email drip campaign or a personal drop-by at their office to let them know about news, staying active in this realm will help.


AlphaGraphics Littleton is ready and waiting to help you with your retention and reactivation activities. We’ll work through the process with you, from strategic direction to printing and mailing, to make sure that you make the most out of your existing and lapsed customers. To get started, request a quote online or call (303) 797-2522.

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