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You only have a few seconds to get the attention of those potential clients. But how? Start with a unique, visually appealing exhibit that boasts bright, compelling graphics and branded messaging.

Trade shows and other events offer prime opportunities to showcase your brand and products, while cultivating valuable customer relationships. That’s a tall order, but the marketing communications experts at AlphaGraphics are here to help.

We can assist you in designing a truly “remarkable” display that not only showcases your best products but is a conversation piece in and of itself.

We offer a myriad of options for starting productive conversations with prospects.



  • Pop-up booths
  • Specialty roll-up banners
  • Backdrops
  • Customizable table coverings
  • Sleek exhibition flooring
  • Interchangeable graphics
  • Banner stands
  • Literature racks
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Not only can AlphaGraphics marketing experts help you confidently represent your company with a branded booth, but our full-service solutions include everything you’ll need to stock and adorn it. Get high-quality promotional materials that truly reflect your brand.



  • Flyers, brochures, and catalogs
  • Logoed giveaways and apparel
  • Signs and promotional banners
  • Panel, wall, and booth displays


BUILD IT TO LAST. Save time and money in the long run by choosing high-quality materials that can be reused year after year. Consider an adjustable booth that will fit multiple trade show and expo configurations.

ONLY THE BEST. Resist the urge to display all of your latest and greatest products. Space is limited, so highlight only your bestsellers to prevent overwhelming your visitors.

COMMUNICATE CLEARLY. What is your key differentiator? Make sure your graphics and text support this message and unmistakably represent your brand

DON'T SACRIFICE FUNCTION. Design your booth to be spacious and easily navigated. Factor in the sections you’ll need to clearly demonstrate and display your products and services.

Give us a call today to learn more about the variety of event display and exhibit options available to your business from AlphaGraphics.


Put yourself in the proverbial shoes of a trade conference attendee for a moment.


You’ve been on your feet walking since 8am. It’s 2pm and you have three more halls to visit.

After a while, booths and companies start to blur as they all look alike.


Now come back and ask yourself if the current exhibit and displays that you’re currently using for your trade show materials are going to make an impression on that weary attendee?


Probably not.


AlphaGraphics in Mountain View has been working with the local business community for over 20 years. We have helped countless businesses over the years create and design exhibits and displays for various trade shows and events.


Pop-up booths are exactly as they sound: a booth that pops up to form a display, then when the trade show is over and it’s time to pack everything, it collapses into itself for easy transportation and storage. These kinds of materials are great if you have a booth at a show on a regular basis.


Customizable table coverings are a great way to capture the attention of the aforementioned weary trade show attendee. There are a wide variety of options available to help make your table stand out.


Sleek exhibition flooring is a great way to differentiate your booth in a sea of competitors. Sure, it might cost a tiny bit more money, but that is a moot point considering the extra attention that custom exhibition flooring will draw. Your first and primary mission at a trade show or convention is to draw people’s attention to your booth, and then you or one of your sales reps can gather more information or try to make a sale. Flooring that is custom takes your displays to an all new level.


Banner stands and literature racks are the unsung heroes of the trade show or convention. Banners need a sturdy stand to hang from and that stand should be reusable year after year in order to maximize your investment. Literature racks should be able to hold enough literature so that you don’t find yourself running out of marketing collateral mid-event.


Specialty roll-up banners are also a wise choice if you plan on having a booth on a regular basis. After a while you’ll start to realize that all of your exhibit and display materials show be not only easy to set up, but easy to take down as well. There’s nothing worse than being on your feet at a trade show for 12 hours a day, then having to spent another 3-4 hours after the show taking down the displays/booth.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the display and exhibits that we offer to help make your next trade show or convention one to remember!



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