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Look down. Is your business on the ground? AlphaGraphics can help you create awe-inspiring floor graphics that will stop potential customers in their tracks.

Pedestrians might have a lot more on their minds (and in their hands) than they used to, but some things never change. Strategic placement of innovative marketing messages still has the power to build brand recognition and customer relationships. Get your brand on the floor with attention-grabbing messaging and designs from AlphaGraphics!

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Our team of graphic designers and marketing experts can help you incorporate your company’s logo, current promotions, directions, and more into durable, full-color images custom cut to fit your outdoor space.


  • Weather-proof
  • Tear and scuff resistant
  • Easy to adhere to virtually any surface, including:
    • Stairs
    • Brick
    • Stucco
    • Cinder block
    • Wood and vinyl
    • Pavement
  • Designed to look amazing even in high traffic areas
  • Available in temporary or permanent adhesives
  • High-quality black and white or bold full-color



  • Directional information
  • Special advertising
  • Safety or parking decals
  • Temporary promotions or events
  • Fun exterior décor
  • Trade shows and conferences
  • Integrated cross-media campaigns
  • Inspirational messages
  • Permanent retail branding
  • Welcoming guests
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So whether you’re planning a massive annual sale, directing patrons to check you out at an upcoming conference, or just looking to add flair to your exterior decor, our team has your floor covered. We even provide delivery and installation. Contact us today to get started!


People are accustomed to seeing signs wherever their daily routine leads them.


-          Radio ads

-          Television ads

-          Billboard ads


The list goes on and on. So where’s one place that people don’t normally see ads or a marketing message?


The ground!


The fact that people aren’t used to seeing messages on the ground means that a ground based message will naturally draw their attention. AlphaGraphics in Mountain View has been working with local businesses for over 20 years. We have helped countless companies cast their proverbial nets and spread their marketing messages far and wide.


Our exterior floor graphics are great for such areas as sports arenas (Little League Baseball, Middle and High Schools, Colleges, etc) or anywhere a large crowd of people will gather. Swap Meets are a great place to sell advertising on the ground. Our floor graphics adhere to almost any surface and come with temporary or permanent adhesive backings.


You can have them made in full color (with pictures) or even in black and white for that artistic look and feel.


Floor Graphics are rugged and durable, even after thousands of people have walked over them. You can use floor graphics for much more than advertising:


Directional signage shows a large crowd of people where to go via arrows, which is great for tourists for whom English might be a 2nd language.


Parking decals are another great usage of floor graphics. They can be temporary (for single events) or permanent.


Integrated cross-media campaigns are a great way of taking your marketing message to the next level. You can also use them to help build (or start) a list. The floor graphic would have a QR code or SMS short code which would direct the person viewing it to an online website that could capture their information (or give them more information or even a link to a promotion).


The possibilities are endless!


The best part about the exterior floor graphics is that they can adhere to almost any surface. From wood to concrete and anything in between, the adhesive is very strong and will last a long while. Or simply go with a temporary adhesive that you can remove after the event is over.


These floor graphics are also weather proof which makes them great for any outdoor application. Instead of hiring a painter to paint a floor sign that will most likely chip and break over time (and in the hot/cold elements), try an outdoor floor graphic from AlphaGraphics!


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the outdoor floor graphic services that we offer!


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