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Digitally-printed mesh banners provide vivid, lightweight marketing that’s ideal for outdoor events like festivals, farmer’s markets, school athletic fields, and concerts.

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to vinyl banners for a windy locale? AlphaGraphics provides advanced large format printing on a variety of materials, including mesh, and can help you customize the ideal signage for your event.


Mesh banners allow wind and sound to pass through the material, making them perfect for outdoor displays where blustery weather might cause a “sail” effect.



  • A virtually unlimited selection of sizes and designs 
  • Full-service production, from concept to completion
  • Superior prints on state-of-the-art digital equipment
  • Professional finishing touches including lamination, gloss, grommets, and hardware
Mesh Banner

There’s no time like the present to reinvent your company’s image or educate viewers about your latest service offerings. Mesh banners are a versatile medium for promoting grand openings, fundraisers, anniversary celebrations, trade shows and more.

Ready to get started? Request a free, no-obligation quote today, and the marketing and communications experts at AlphaGraphics will help make your banner visions a reality.


Imagine putting on a sports venue where you have completely sold out the advertising.


Everything is looking great, but Mother Nature is not cooperating. On the day of the event, the advertising banners you purchased online from some shop thousands of miles away are fluttering in the wind so hard that it’s impossible to read what’s on them.


Even a light breeze can cause an outdoor banner to look like it’s caught up in an F4 tornado.


What’s the perfect solution?


Mesh banners.


Why mesh? Mesh material is woven so that there are minute gaps between the fibers. This enables the wind to pass through the banner without the banner acting like the sail on an 18th century wooden ship. It keeps your marketing messages in place so that people can read them no matter what the weather.


Mesh is also weather proof as well. So if you happen to leave the banner up and the next day it rains cats and dogs, the banner will be fine after the rain clears.


AlphaGraphics in Mountain View has been working with the local business community for well over 20 years. We have helped countless outdoor venues with their advertising and marketing collateral needs.


Local city governments could benefit greatly from mesh banners. Big parade or other community event coming up? With a mesh banner you could advertise it to the local community months in advance. It’s pretty much just set-it-and-forget-it. The banner will not melt or fade in the wind or rain.


Farmers Markets and other community organizations also benefit from these types of banners. They can be left up for months or even years at a time.


The best thing about getting your mesh banners designed and printed at AlphaGraphics is that we are a full service shop. Meaning that we can help you from start to finish. Our expert graphic designers can design the banner for your wholly, or give you feedback on which design they think looks best (and more importantly will work best).


There are many finishing options available, such as lamination/gloss (to make the banner really stand out in sunlight or protect it further from the elements), the ability to add grommets for ease of installation. AlphaGraphics can even provide the finishing hardware so you don’t have to run to the local hardware store to try and find ways of hanging the banner.


If you’re looking for the perfect all-weather type of banner, look no further than mesh. It is a remarkable and durable material that will keep your message looking as new as the day you got it.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the mesh banner design and printing services that we offer.



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