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Do your clients know who to ask when they have a question? Polished name tags start these key interactions off on the right foot. 

Whether you need traditional or eclectic designs, AlphaGraphics offers professional name badge solutions for every budget.

Name Badges

Convert simple hellos into rapid sales with customized name tags that expertly represent your business.


  • Durable plastic and metal materials
  • Magnetic, pin-style, or clip back
  • Beveled or rounded edges
  • Engraving or silk-screening
  • Pocket, visitor, and framed badges


PERSONALIZE: Personalize your employee name tags with logos, a variety of finishes, and full-color pictures or backgrounds.


QUANTITY DISCOUNTS: Need to place a large order for an annual event or highly-anticipated conference? We offer budget friendly quantity discounts.


Have a design in mind? We’re happy to transform your prepared files to order, or our team of marketing experts can assist you in designing custom name badges that exemplify your brand. Our full-service business centers can also professionally pack and ship your products right to your desk (or the door of your event)!

Ready to get started? Contact the AlphaGraphics team today, and we’ll work with you to craft name tags and badges that make customers want to say “hello”.


Hi, my name is…


No, this isn’t the start of a bad rap song, it’s the introduction to the name tag and badge design and printing services offered by AlphaGraphics in Mountain View.


We have over 20 years of experience in working with the local Mountain View business community. We have helped countless businesses with their marketing collateral over the years.

If I walked into your business right this minute, could I easily identify by name which employee was helping me?


Name tags are more than just something employees pin to their work uniforms. They are a representation of your company, and as such they should accurately reflect your brand. A normal boring looking name tag should only be worn by waitresses in a truck stop café in the middle of nowhere. Spruce up the flair on your employees by giving them custom name tags from AlphaGraphics.


If you’re not sure how to go about designing a great looking name badge, we have got you covered! Our expert designers can make suggestions on how to create an eye-catching name badge that will serve to give off the right appearance to your clients or customers.

Don’t need employee name badges but do need 1,000 name tags for an upcoming industry conference?


We got you covered there as well!


AlphaGraphics offers bulk discounts on name tags and name badges.  Contact our store in Mountain View for more details.


One great way to spice up industry conference name badges is to put a QR code on them. A QR code is viewed when someone takes their cell phone and takes a picture of the QR code. It then leads them to a website or web page of your choosing. You could put a map or itinerary of the conference on a web page, and then link it to a QR code that’s printed on the name badge. This way the attendees of the conference won’t get lost or fail to remember which conference room each seminar is being held at.


Need more security at your business? You can have the employees picture printed out on their name badge. This adds an additional layer of security to events or businesses that require it.

If you’re holding a conference, name badges are a great way for people to meet each other. It allows them to easily strike up a conversation with someone if you put an additional tidbit of information about them on the name badge….such as the town they are from, or their favorite food or other piece of personal trivia.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the name tag and badge design and printing services that we offer!



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