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We offer a wide selection of unique acrylic awards, engraved trophies, and commemorative gift items—so you can thank each individual personally.

Select a functional clock, pen cup, or an intricately engraved crystal tower. Choose from our selection of pre-made gifts and trophies, or work with our expert designers to craft something distinctive. You can personalize your awards with logos, engraved photos, text, and elegant bases or hardware for a complete look.




Show your team, customers, and loyal employees how much you value their efforts. 

Nothing motivates people like genuine appreciation and recognition for a job well done. Celebrate every remarkable milestone and achievement with a personalized plaque or award that will be treasured for years to come. 


Whatever the design, when you partner with AlphaGraphics you can feel confident that your recipient will feel valued and appreciated.


  • Premium marble, rosewood, or glass plaques
  • Art glass awards
  • Personalized glass vases and bowls
  • Engraved clocks and coasters
  • Optical crystal cubes and towers
  • Acrylic awards
  • Photo engraving
  • Etched paperweights
  • Laser-engraved trophies and medals


  • Board or association members
  • Guest speaker gifts
  • Sponsors
  • Retirement send-offs
  • Celebrating anniversaries and accomplishments
  • Client appreciation gifts
  • Employee recognition

When you work with AlphaGraphics, you'll know your award items will be exceptional to the last detail. And, thanks to our advanced technologies, you can award every moment on a budget!

Contact us today or request an online quote to get started! 


Whether you need an award of plaque for your Boy Scout troop or one for Bill’s retirement send off party, AlphaGraphics in Mountain View can help you. We have over 20 years experience helping the local business community in Mountain View. We have helped countless companies design and create the perfect plaques and awards.


When it comes to awards and plaques, there’s only 2 routes you can go do: Premade or custom-made.


Premade plaques and awards are already designed. There is no customization needed, except for the engraving part (if you so choose). You can choose from a wide variety of plaques and awards to help commemorate a career or celebrate an achievement or accomplishment.


Custom-made plaques and awards are just that: 100% custom. You design it how you want it to look like. There are a wide variety of finishes and options available to get the look and feel just right. You can even put custom photos, text and logos. AlphaGraphics can also help out with the hardware and bases that will really make an impression.


Another relatively unknown benefit to awards and plaques is improved employee morale and even increased branding.  If you start handing out plaques and awards to your employees, and they hang them in their cubicles or offices, it will serve as a reminder to the rest of the employees that the company does care and that they should strive to be the best that they can be.


Some companies like to print out certificates on the company printer, but that should be avoided at all costs. Think about it…if you were an employee and you saw a fellow co-worker get a cheap computer printed certificate…would you be impressed?


Probably not.


But if you saw that same co-worker and they had an intricate plaque from the owner of the company for being the top salesman (or insert other company achievement here ______) and that plaque had gold plating and an oak wood base/finish….wouldn’t you think to yourself: “Wow, if this company went through all that trouble to print up this cool looking plaque, they really must care”?


Improving employee morale and recognizing accomplishments are just two of many reasons you should get a plaque or award crafted at AlphaGraphics. Even if you are not quite sure how to go about designing a custom award, our resident graphic designers will help walk you through the creative process.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the custom award and plaque services that we offer to help commemorate your next special occasion!




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