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Take your marketing to new heights with decorative pole banners from AlphaGraphics.

Have an important annual conference or seasonal event on the horizon? AlphaGraphics can help you boost attendance with high-flying signage and flags that broadcast your event details.

Nothing grabs attention like a well-appointed sign, and light poles provide an evenly spaced foundation for informative banners and flags. Whatever size, shape, material or quirky location you can envision, we can make it happen.


  • Black and white, full color or spot color
  • UV and weather-resistant materials and ink
  • Coatings and finishes to protect and enhance your graphics
  • Delivery and installation
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Our advanced printing solutions enable us to produce vibrant, unique graphics on nearly any material! 


  • Mesh
  • Vinyl
  • Cotton
  • Polyester
  • Nylon
Pole Signs

Ready to promote your grand opening, inform patrons of the upcoming parade, or drive customers to your new website with an eye-catching QR code?

Set up a free strategic consultation today to see just how easy it is to create sophisticated, quality signage with AlphaGraphics on your team.


If I were on the City Planning Commission in the city of Mountain View, California, where would I go if I wanted seasonal/festive banners for the various light poles in the city?


AlphaGraphics, of course!


If you have been to a city in America in the past 10 years, you might have noticed those colorful banners and signs that hang from the light poles.  I bet you didn’t know that AlphaGraphics can get those banners designed and created?


From celebrating the holidays, to celebrating local heroes who served in the military, AlphaGraphics in Mountain View can help you design and print the perfect pole banner.

What if you need pole banners for your business? AlphaGraphics can help out with that as well.

Why are AlphaGraphics pole banners the only banners you should buy?


Because we have state-of-the-art digital printers that can perform literal miracles. From black and white to full color, our printers are the very best that technology has to offer in this day and age. Not to mention we UV coat the banners and they are weather resistant. Through rain and shine, these banners will look as good as they day they first came off the proverbial printing press. This will allow you to put them in storage after they are done and roll them out next year, looking new as ever (assuming you take the proper precautions in storing them).


These banners are also good for raising property values in certain parts of the city.  The arts and restaurant districts for example are two great areas to hang banners. Even if there aren’t any upcoming holidays to celebrate, you can celebrate famous chefs or famous artists. Barring all that, have AlphaGraphics design some really fancy looking graphics and hang them on light poles in order to enhance the natural beauty of that area as well as increase people shopping there.


Even if you don’t work for the city, you can use these banners to spruce up local conventions. If you rented out the convention hall, chances are they owners will allow you to fly banners on the light poles in the parking lot. You can use it as a way for people to navigate to their cars, or just enhance the event with event-themed banners!  AlphaGraphics can also help out with the delivery and installation.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about our pole banners which will help turn an otherwise bland pole or light pole into a work of art.


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