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Make your display pop with a professionally printed custom table cover.

Brighten up dull tables with crisp, eye-catching designs that incorporate your logo and messaging. AlphaGraphics provides every type of customized table covering imaginable, so you can present your brand with flair at your next big meeting.

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Our expert graphic designers can work with your prepared design, or help you develop the perfect look from scratch. And our state-of-the-art inkjet technology and screen printing produce guaranteed quality every time.

Our goal is to provide you superior, cost-effective event solutions. That means these high-grade table covers can be displayed over and over again.


  • Long-lasting
  • Durable
  • Wrinkle resistant
  • Flame retardant
  • Machine washable



  • Printed
  • Convertible
  • Table runner
  • Fitted
  • Stretch
  • Round throw
  • Imprinted


  • Single color
  • Multi-color
  • Full color


  • Trade shows
  • Job fairs
  • Storefronts
  • Farmer’s markets
  • Business Conventions

AlphaGraphics event experts understand that conferences and trade shows have varying size and setup requirements. Sometimes a table cover will do the job perfectly. Or you might not know the width of your table, and a runner is better suited for grabbing attention. We’ll help you select the sizing and materials that best serve your purpose.



Table Throw

When you partner with the marketing and communications experts at AlphaGraphics, we can help you create a comprehensive package of trade show materials as well! Whatever your marketing and printing needs, we’ve got you covered. 

Contact a team member at AlphaGraphics today to get started!


What is an economical and straightforward way to set up a display table at a conference or industry event?


Table throws.


What’s a table throw? Think of a table cloth (the kind you used to use back in the 1980’s) and then add an eye-catching color (or black and white) graphic to it…your brand or company logo for example.


That’s it!


The best part about table throws is that they are so simple to set up and take down. Simply set up your table by unfolding the legs and then put the table throw on top of it. Make sure your logo or the printed part is facing forward. That’s all there is to it. The table throws will last for a very long time if you store them properly.


If for some reason Bob from accounting spills 2 gallons of diet soda on the table throw, simply put it in the washing machine with some mild detergent and it will be as good as new. The throws are also made to last. They won’t fall apart after a couple of usages.


They are also wrinkle resistant. So you don’t have to be an origami master to fold them for storage until they are ready to be used again. They are also flame retardant. In case an open flame gets too close to them, they won’t go up in smoke.


If you’re not sure of the dimensions of your table, then you can always go with at table runner. A table runner takes up less space than a throw and it’s great for any size table out there.


If you want to make a statement, you can try the stretched table covers. The material is elastic and it stretches to conform to the size of the table it’s being put on. A fitted cover fits exactly on a table of a certain dimension. The benefit to stretched and fitted covers is that there really is no loose material for someone to accidentally trip and fall over, or catch their high heels or shoes on.


We can even create a printed round throw for tables that are round. These are great for job fairs and other places where you will be sitting down, talking to people for an extended period of time. The graphic can be on the skirt or the top of the throw.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about the various table throw options that will help bring more attention (and foot traffic) to your next booth or trade event!

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