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Transform your company car or truck into a rolling billboard for your brand with custom vehicle wraps and graphics. From full body wraps, to magnets, and everything in between, AlphaGraphics has the tools to turn your boring delivery van into an eye-catching advertisement on wheels!

What better way to multi-task than by advertising your products and services while you’re stuck in traffic? Vehicle wraps allow you to effortlessly reach thousands of wandering eyes with your brand message during your daily commute. With so many options to choose from, our marketing and communications experts can help you hand-craft the ideal wrap to knock your branding objectives out of the park.

Not quite ready for the full wrap effect? No problem. We offer a variety of lower-profile vehicle graphic options.



  • Window perforations
  • Frosted graphics
  • Window clings
  • Custom vehicle lettering
  • Vehicle magnets
  • Partial vehicle wraps

Not only can our team help you develop your messaging and design, but we’ll print, laminate, cut and install your wrap or graphics for you. Choose from unique materials like matte, chrome and other specialty vinyl; and rest assured that our advanced printing technologies will convert your static design into a vibrant, full-color statement for your vehicle. 

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Thinking about a custom decal instead? We can do that too. Dress up your company vehicles with your logo or brand message on the side panel or back door with a colorful decal. We print to order! Simply select your font, shape, material, and design, and we’ll produce quality decals ready-made to apply to your vehicle. Our professional installers are standing by and can install them for you!


Ready to start building brand awareness while simply running errands?  Contact the team at AlphaGraphics today and we’ll help you craft the perfect branded graphics for your vehicle.


What attracts more attention than a magnetic sign stuck to the passenger door of your car?


A vehicle wrap that turns your car into a rolling billboard for your business.


What exactly is it and how does it work?


Vehicle wraps have been around for a few years now. The process has remained relatively the same.  First off you tell the designer what kind of vehicle you want wrapped. The designer then goes into his computer and finds a template for your car. These templates have the exact height, width and length of your car, along with the overall areas that the graphics can adhere to.


The designer then works with you to create a design that will fit on your car (and not cover up your windows/etc). You will be able to preview how your car will look like (on the computer) and make any changes you see fit.  Once you’re happy with it, a huge computer printer then starts printing out the graphics.


The installation guys will then make sure your car is washed and free from any dirt, dust or debris. The graphics are made out of a sticky vinyl that will not ruin the paint job of your car.  Ordinary tap water is sprayed from a bottle and the vinyl lettering or graphics will adhere to your car.


The entire process can take upwards of a few hours to the entire day, depending on how complex the overall job is. Once you get your car back, you will be amazed at how it is transformed.


Removal of the vehicle wraps can take some time. You will need to be careful not to use any metal objects that will scrape or scratch your paint. The best way to go about this is to use a plastic scraping tool, and then slowly work your way around the car. Done right (according to how the manufacturer suggests you do it), and your paint job will be as good as new.


Vehicle wraps are durable and UV resistant so you can park your car out in the hot sun all day long and it will not damage the wrap. Best of all, the more you drive around town, the more your business gets advertised. Vehicle wraps can very well wind up paying for themselves (and making a ton of money for your) if you make sure your car is seen in areas where there is high traffic. Malls and other outdoor venues are perfect for this kind of advertising.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about our vehicle wrap services and installation in Mountain View, California!


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