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Make your storefront a conversation piece with gorgeous window graphics that sing “Look at me!” AlphaGraphics offers many options to transform your everyday windows into branded masterpieces.

Are you making the most of the prominent advertising space right inside your business’s building? Whether you’re looking to promote a short-term sale or event and need temporary images, or your goals involve permanent branding for your retail windows and walls, we’ve got you covered.

Window graphics and designs are an excellent way to make use of valuable storefront advertising space—the area that reflects your organization to passersby.  Bright colors and images grab attention and convey an impression of quality and expertise that mismatched signage or window painting never will.



  • Window clings
  • Window perf graphics
  • Frosted window graphics
  • Window lettering
  • Window shades
  • Imaged glass


CUSTOM PRINTED WALLPAPER AND MURALS. Give your school, home, or conference space a facelift with floor to ceiling wall murals.


ONE-WAY VISION OR CLEAR WINDOW DECALS. Choose to be seen … or not … with one-way or see-through window decals.


STATIC WINDOW CLINGS. Boost sales with attractive, full-color window clings: a cost-effective way to advertise your business. These vibrant graphics are durable, versatile, and easy to install!


FLOOR GRAPHICS. Transform your bland floors into eye-catching displays with durable, slip-resistant floor graphics. Customize flat or 3D visuals that will stop customers in their tracks at dealerships, grocery stores, schools, or airports.


VINYL DECALS AND LETTERING. Convert boring structures into prominent marketing elements with waterproof vinyl lettering and logos. Display decals on windows, doors, walls, vehicles, and even cement! With vinyl-cut lettering, you can decorate windows without completely blocking light and visibility, so visitors can still see your interior displays. Choose from permanent, temporary, or extra durable; cut to any size or shape you can dream up.

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Ready to increase your building’s curb appeal? Inside or out, AlphaGraphics can help you develop images and graphics for your building to promote and build your brand. Contact us today to learn more or to request a free quote.


You need a new way to drive more foot traffic into your brick-and-mortar store. It can’t be too expensive (as you’re already paying an arm and a leg in monthly rent) and it has to compliment the branding of your company.


What do you do?


Window graphics are an economical and easy way to get new customers to patronize your brick-and-mortar business in Mountain View. Companies like Apple and Microsoft know that large window graphics cause people to pay attention.


The next time you’re in your local mall, look at some of the big box brand name stores. More specifically, look at their outside window signage. You’ll notice that they all have window graphics.


-         Annual sales

-         Loyalty discounts

-         New product


There are a lot of things you can advertise on your windows graphics.


After you take a look at the big box brand name stores in your local mall, head on down to where the mom-and-pop mall businesses reside. Take a look at some of their windows and notice how those windows that are bare really don’t catch your attention. Bare glass doesn’t advertise well, especially if you sell products that are common (such as food or clothing or whatever).


Windows graphics are economical and will last a very long time. You also have many options to choose from.


Window clings make for great temporary signage, as they can be peeled off the window and moved to another location without damaging the cling or ruining its ability to adhere to the glass.


Window perforated graphics serve multiple purposes. Their main goal is to deliver your advertising message in bright, vivid colors, but due to the fact that they are perforated, they allow a little bit of light to shine through. You can take advantage of the natural light and save money on energy costs.


Imaged glass is a classy way of putting your messaging out there. You can have your company logo imaged onto the glass, or some cool looking artwork. Imaged glass is permanent and it’s mostly used as indoor pieces such as receptionist desks and interior glass on conference rooms and offices.


Frosted window graphics add an element of privacy to your business, yet allow light in at the same time. This too adds a touch of class, style and refinement to your business. It is also cost effective as it will help cool down your shop when the afternoon or morning sun starts shining through.


Contact us today at (650) 962-8083 or email us at to learn more about custom window design graphics that AlphaGraphics offers!


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