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A Quinceañera is a special time in the life of a girl. It celebrates her transition from a girl to a woman which in turn is celebrated by friends, family and the community. It also ceremonially assigns her a new role before the entire community.


The Quinceañera celebration is the equivalent of the American “Sweet 16” celebration. Each family has their own traditions and customs for the event that make it such a unique and special event.  Some families might put their own unique twist on certain elements or aspects of the ceremony, as they are keeping in tradition with how their families have done it.


Some families opt for a more religious ceremony, which will begin at a local Church and culminate in a local park or back yard. There could be food, live music (D.J.) and even dancing. Of course, there is also a tiara with the number 16 on it and everything that will make her feel like a princess.


AlphaGraphics has put together a special Quinceañera package for the little princess in your life. We offer banner printing and design which will help decorate and commemorate the festivities. Don’t forget our invitation and card printing services, it will look like you went the extra mile by getting custom designed cards instead of the boring standard stuff you’d find at a store.


Table throws can also help dress up a plain old folding table and make it look like a banquet table for royalty.

Yard and site signs will help direct traffic to and from Church as well as the after party. If the after party is being held in a park, then you can set up some yard signs to direct visitors from the parking lot to where the event is being held. Very helpful if the park is pretty big in size.


Our book binding services are great for taking pictures and mementos of the girls life and putting them into book form. It will be a gift that she will treasure for the rest of her life.


AlphaGraphics has been helping the local community celebrate their Quinceañeras for well over 60 years. We know what to do in order to put on an event that she will cherish and remember for the rest of her life.


Give us a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and we'll help you plan the perfect Quinceañera ceremony for your little princess.

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