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The age of committing to a set number of yearbooks countless months before they’re needed is over! AlphaGraphics can help your school, business, or non-profit organization create customized yearbooks on-demand, so you can order 1, 12, or 374 with no penalties or excessive lead times!

With our advanced digital printing technologies, AlphaGraphics can produce gorgeous, full-color yearbooks filled with your most cherished memories—with no minimum order required. Imagine the possibilities! Celebrate accomplishments, memorialize epic team building events or be the talk of your next family or school reunion with personalized yearbooks made to order.



  • Expert graphic design and copywriting
  • Professional-grade covers
  • Unique and heavy duty paper stocks
  • Water- and UV-resistant finishing options
  • Custom embellishments like foil embossing or stamping

Our digital printing services make advance ordering unnecessary. Your books will be filled with crisp, vibrant images that will impress everyone who sees them.

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Yearbooks are so much more than just books. They're are artifacts: relics of your experiences that live on as mementos for years. Yearbooks are whatever each individual makes of them, but it’s something that is more than the sum of its parts. They’re a lot like a time capsule that you can unearth and open whenever you want. AlphaGraphics can make your school’s yearbook a treasure that everyone will want to keep throughout the years.

Your students’ yearbooks will be a treasure for them as long as they live. They should reflect your school and should be something that each person will want to look at time-and-again. It will constantly remind them of their school days, and they will show it to their children and grandchildren for years to come. 


Every school is different. That's why we offer countless options: so you can perfectly customize your yearbook. AlphaGraphics also offers custom paper options so the feel of your book can reflect the unique flavor at your school.

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  • Saddle-stitched (booklet style)
  • Spiral bound
  • Wire bound
  • Perfect bound
  • Hard bound

These options can be chosen to help express your school’s individual personality—when you combine it with just the right paper, you can complement the book’s contents perfectly.



  • Military or government organizations
  • Employee anniversaries
  • Corporate photo directories
  • Sports team books
  • Church or neighborhood directories
  • College or departmental yearbooks
  • Annual party gifts
  • Retirement send-offs

Need other branded marketing materials to match? As your full-service marketing solutions provider, AlphaGraphics can help you craft all of the brochures, banners and branded promotional items you’ll need for an event to remember. 

Contact us today to see how easy it is to print designer yearbooks for every occasion.


For far too long schools were required to commit to an exact number of yearbooks almost a year in advance. This unfair system led to inevitable yearbook shortages and ultimately several people at any given school not getting their yearbook.


Fortunately, those days are long gone. At AlphaGraphics we have helped the local school systems print their yearbooks for many years. Our digital state-of-the-art printers ensure that you can print one or one million yearbooks with no penalties, fines, or fees. We can print in full, vivid color or black and white. There are no minimum orders required!


Ordering a few more yearbooks (to accommodate the students who got their orders in late) is as simple as picking up the phone and placing the order or logging into the agOnline portal where you can easily reorder books from the comfort of your desk. No more having to drive halfway across town, or deal with a print shop that’s located thousands of miles away. AlphaGraphics is located right in your proverbial back yard, so you can easily get a hold of us during normal business hours.


Yearbooks aren’t only relegated to schools. Big corporations and other organizations (religious/etc) can take advantage of a yearbook. It will memorialize the accomplishments your organization had over the past 365 days. Government and military organizations also love yearbooks as they help encourage team building and as well as helping keep up morale. Retirement send-offs are another great idea for a yearbook.


The design possibilities are endless. You can take advantage of our expert graphic designers and copywriters or you can create your own layout (contact us first for the suggested format/layout).


We offer heavy duty and unique paper stocks that will make your book something special and will last for decades to come if properly stored and taken care of.


Water and UV-resistant finishing options will ensure that life’s little “accidents” don’t destroy a precious memento.

If you really want to make the book stand out, try utilizing foil embossing or stamping which will give it a high-end or classy look.


There are many binding options available to you. You can go with a saddle-stitch, which is a booklet style of binding. The spiral bound is popular for those on a budget (as is the wire bound). Perfect/hard bound are great for when you’re looking for the high-end finishing touches and a yearbook that will last a literal lifetime.


AlphaGraphics can also help you create other branded marketing materials which will go great if you’re having a sending off party, retirement party or even a graduation ceremony. Ask for our catalog of products that can be engraved or printed with your organizations logo or brand.


If you’re looking for local yearbook design and printing with no minimum orders, give AlphaGraphics a call at (760) 722-1485 or send us an email and one of our friendly experts will help answer any question you might have!



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