Getting Quality Out of Your Print Projects 

The more specific you are in your email or phone call the faster we will be able to get your project done fast.  Here are some guidelines to ask yourself about the project: 
Image Resolution

  • 300 dpi or more is usually what our designer will need for any good sized print project.


  • If the image runs off the page, our designer will re-design the image so that we can print the item, on a size that is big enough to cut at the right size.


  • How many copies will you need?


  • What type of paper would you like?


  • How big is the project going to be? (we usually measure by inches and fractions of inches)


  • Will there be any special coating on this project?


  • If you are printing a booklet, pamphlet, manual, book, or flipchart, will the item need to be put in order before it is delivered?
  • Will the project need Coil Binding, Saddle Stitching (staple)?


  • How will this project be packaged?

End Use

  • We need to know how the project will be used, for example, will the item be put in the printer to have more things printed on it? 

The more information you can give us about the project, it's purpose, and end use, and easier it will be to keep you 100% satisfied with quality printing projects. 


Effective Brand Awareness

Brand Awareness seems pretty self explanatory right?  But can you think of any small businesses in Utah County that have successfully branded their company?  What people do not realize about brand awareness is that once you have achieved it for your business, you will no longer be a small business, your business will have grown to become a larger and more well known organization in town. 

Brand Awareness can only take place when you take a global approach to your marketing strategy.  It is difficult for many marketing directors, office managers and business owners to know what forms of marketing are most important for their business.  That is why AlphaGraphics takes the time to help you initiate the most important marketing streams. 

Marketing Services:

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Uniform Brand Presentation
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • E-mail marketing
  • Mobile marketing
  • Direct Marketing to your Clients
  • ePublications


Printing Services:

  • Direct Mailing Programs 
  • Complex Product Brochures
  • Banners and Signs
  • Pamphlets, Booklets and Books
  • Business Cards
  • Color Copies and Color Printing
  • High Definition Pictures or Artwork
  • Any Color Paper with any size, thickness or texture


For more information about obtaining a Quality Print Project click on the link to our Quality Print Page.  It has never been easier for Provo Orem businesses to save time, stop confusion, and relieve frustration.  Do not let your dream business idle at low productivity. Call one of our account executives today to help you navigate through the deep waters of the digital age.

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