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AlphaGraphics is your local vehicle wrap company on Camelback Road! We can get your business noticed with high quality vehicle wrap designs meant for getting you noticed. Contact us to learn how we can help your business stand out amongst the rest.


Get people talking about (and remembering) your business with distinctive partial vehicle wraps custom-designed for your company vehicles. Take advantage of the large advertising space on your car, van, or truck. We can design your information to go on any part of the vehicle including windows, doors and windshields. AlphaGraphics offers comprehensive wrap solutions to make a lasting impression without costing an arm and a leg.

Partial vehicle wraps are a more cost-effective way to make a BIG IMPACT on passersby. Besides cost, a big drawback of the old-style custom painted vehicle is its permanence. When it is taken out of service, a potential buyer is confronted with advertising graphics of another company. And that means additional expense to paint over the advertising. Partial vehicle wraps, on the other hand, are easily removed and the vehicle is restored to its original look. This is a real asset when company vehicles are leased. They do not need to hesitate to wrap them. AlphaGraphics expert designers can help you get creative with placement, messaging, and unique shapes to maximize the impact on your company vehicle.



  • Graphic design
  • Strategic messaging
  • Custom layout to fit your vehicle’s dimensions
  • Advanced digital color printing
  • Lamination and cutting
  • Professional installation
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Choose from unique materials like matte, chrome, perforated and other specialty vinyl, for high-impact, durable messaging designed to keep your ride looking fabulous long-term. Designed to hold up in freezing, sweltering and wet conditions, our full and partial wraps are a solid investment sure to impress and inform whether you’re parked or at the wheel.

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Our vehicle wraps are high-quality, full-color, and completely customizable. We can help you create whatever design, size, and shape you can dream up. Strategic cutting and installation can create 3D effects that compel drivers to look, and then look again. After installation, your once ordinary vehicle is now a colorful billboard for your brand!




Perhaps you’ve seen people drive around with their vehicles that have been fully wrapped, and you want something similar for your business. Why not? It’s an effective marketing tool that helps your business become better known. However, a full-wrapped vehicle may be out of your price range, or maybe you’re just looking for a less-expensive way to advertise.


Fortunately in these cases, AlphaGraphics in Phoenix, Arizona offers a simpler, cost-effective way to use your vehicle as a marketing tool with partial-vehicle wraps. These designs could be patterns incorporated with your logo and company colors or simply a message you want to spread about your business. The beautiful thing about partial-vehicle wraps is they can be just as effective as full-vehicle wraps at grabbing attention while you’re driving down Main Street.




Finding a marketing strategy that works can be tricky, but with custom vehicle wraps, you can’t go wrong. There’s no easier way to advertise your business locally than to drive around in a vehicle covered with your business logo, phone number, website, or anything else you can imagine! Installing a wrap on your car will get your name out there without all the effort typical marketing campaigns require. Just let our marketing consultants know what you want and we’ll make it happen.




Vehicle wraps, in general, are extremely useful in marketing. They easily capture people’s attention and it follows you wherever you go, making a trip to the store a potentially profitable experience as you drive by the right people. Unlike radio or TV commercials, it’s a form of non-aggressive advertising, which means you can promote your business without disturbing the people you are trying to reach. You’re a billboard on wheels, bringing easy to read and attention-grabbing advertising to people, rather than hoping they stumble upon it themselves. The Outdoor Advertising Association of America reports that mobile advertising can be the most efficient type of out-of-home advertising.




Vehicle wraps are completely customizable. For our customers, the sky’s the limit. It doesn’t matter what vehicle you’re working with, we’ll fit anything from a Fiat 500 to a 26-foot semi truck. At AlphaGraphics, we will do everything within the capabilities of our expert designers to help you realize your dreams and ideas, however straightforward or extravagant they may be. We take care of everything in the process from the design to the professional installation of the wrap. You won’t have to worry about hot summers or freezing winters tarnishing your design. The materials we use are built to survive the most extreme weather conditions. This won’t be fair-weather marketing; you can drive around confidently 365 days a year.

Ready to create quality leads while simply running errands? Contact the team at AlphaGraphics for a professional
measurement of your vehicle for a proper estimate and we’ll help you design a stunning
full-body makeover for your company car.

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