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Want to engage potential customers while on the move? Transform your company car or truck into a rolling billboard for your brand with a custom vehicle wrap from AlphaGraphics.

What better way to multi-task than by advertising your products and services while you’re stuck in traffic? Vehicle wraps enable you to turn your daily commute into an effortless marketing campaign for your organization.

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Reach thousands of potential customers with high quality, full-color, custom vehicle wraps.


  • Graphic design
  • Strategic messaging
  • Custom layout to fit your vehicle’s dimensions
  • Advanced digital color printing
  • Professional installation
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Choose from unique materials like matte, chrome, perforated, and other specialty vinyl, for high-impact, durable messaging designed to keep your ride looking fabulous for years to come. Ready to create quality leads while simply running errands? 

Contact the team at AlphaGraphics today and we’ll help you design a stunning vehicle makeover for your company or organization.

Custom Full-Vehicle Wraps in Rexburg, ID

From the driveway, to the grocery store, to your favorite hole-in-the-wall restaurant, you pass people you could be marketing to. The routine drive may sometimes seem stagnant—simply a means to get from one place to the next and maybe jam out to some of your favorite tunes. But with an AlphaGraphics full vehicle wrap, your drive can be more than a musical break. It can be a marketing experience.

If you have been looking for a new and unique way to market toward new audiences, what better way to do it than on the go? Vehicle wraps are designs that are adhered to the surface of a vehicle to help advertise your company or brand. This transforms your car into a moving billboard or marketing machine. This type of marketing allows you to engage and entertain potential customers while informing them of your brand.


When people think of print advertising or marketing, they think of posters, brochures or billboards. These forms of outreach are effective, but they are stationary. Full vehicle wraps are intended to be a moving marketing tool. Therefore, they generate more awareness than static prints as you speed around town, catching the eyes of hundreds of new prospective clients. They allow you to relax while your vehicle advertises for you. Now, that’s a pretty sweet deal.


A transformation bold enough to cover an entire car demands attention. While the sports car next to you may seem fast and stylish, your car, wrapped from tire to sunroof in a custom, quality design will catch the eyes of every driver and pedestrian you pass. The road changes from a pot-holed path of asphalt, to a marketing runway for your car’s new makeover.

The best part of our full vehicle wraps is that you are in complete control of your design. Elements like color, material and fit are all tailored to your taste and brand. Not only are vehicle wraps designed to look fabulous with our high quality full-color latex printers, but they are also built to last. Customers can choose from one of the many durable material options offered, such as chrome, perforated or other specialty vinyl to add the most character to your moving advertisement.


If you are worried about a wrap not properly fitting your vehicle or having to apply the wrap yourself, relax! Full vehicle wraps are designed using the exact dimensions of your car to ensure a perfect fit and are professionally installed. With a professional design, a durable material and a team to install it, you will be set to cruise down Main Street in Rexburg, ID and attract new customers with your new vehicle wrap.


Our vehicle graphics are built to last. 

With our state-of-the-art equipment and professional installation techniques you can expect your car, truck, or van to look good for about 5-7 years under normal use.  The vinyl is ultra durable, and we cover our inks with lamination for ultimate protection.


Installing a full car wrap is as difficult as you might imagine.  Don’t worry.  Our professional Rexburg vehicle wrap experts are here to help.  Whether it’s just a simple graphic or a complex contour wrap, we’ve got you covered.

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