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Digitally-printed mesh banners provide vivid, lightweight marketing that’s ideal for outdoor events like festivals, farmer’s markets, school athletic fields, and concerts.

Looking for a cost-effective alternative to vinyl banners for a windy locale? AlphaGraphics provides advanced large format printing on a variety of materials, including mesh, and can help you customize the ideal signage for your event.


Mesh banners allow wind and sound to pass through the material, making them perfect for outdoor displays where blustery weather might cause a “sail” effect.



  • A virtually unlimited selection of sizes and designs 
  • Full-service production, from concept to completion
  • Superior prints on state-of-the-art digital equipment
  • Professional finishing touches including lamination, gloss, grommets, and hardware
Mesh Banner

There’s no time like the present to reinvent your company’s image or educate viewers about your latest service offerings. Mesh banners are a versatile medium for promoting grand openings, fundraisers, anniversary celebrations, trade shows and more.

Ready to get started? Request a free, no-obligation quote today, and the marketing and communications experts at AlphaGraphics will help make your banner visions a reality.


Mesh banners are the most durable banners for outdoor use because of the nature of mesh fabric. Mesh fabric is made up of loosely-woven crisscrossed threads. Since the threads are loosely-woven, that leaves tiny holes in between the threads. These holes allow air to be blown through them. Since wind can pass through the fabric, due to the holes, that prevents the fabric from “sailing” and tearing while the wind is blowing.


AlphaGraphics in downtown San Francisco uses UV inks to print on mesh banners. During the printing process, immediately after the inks are applied to the banner, a UV light cures (or dries) the ink, which is then bonded to the fabric. As a result of this bonding, UV inks are abrasion resistant – which means it is highly unlikely that the ink will slough or rub off. In addition, UV inks are also water and fade resistant. Thus, mesh banners printed with UV inks will not fade from rain/snow/mist and sun exposure.


In conclusion, since mesh banners rarely tear and are abrasion, water, and fade resistant; they are ideal for outdoor use. 


As previously mentioned, mesh banners are made of fabric that consist of tiny holes between the loosely-woven threads. These holes throughout the fabric may be small, but they are visible enough to make the fabric slightly see-through. Thus, although mesh banners are durable to withstand the outdoor elements, such as wind, sun, and rain; they require bolder designs, than vinyl banners, to make them stand out and grab the attention of passersby.


Below are suggestions on how to design eye-catching mesh banners. However, the graphic design and marketing experts at AlphaGraphics can also design mesh banners for you.


Font Type: The type of font used on mesh banners should be bold and legible. Letters of bolder font types, such as Verdana, stand out more on mesh banners than those of thinner font types, such as Courier New. Also, letters of scrolling font types, such as Monotype Corsiva, are much harder to distinguish than those of plainer font types, such as Arial.


Font Size: The text on mesh banners should be large enough to be seen from great distances, despite the holes in the fabric. Thus, it’s best to use the largest font size possible on mesh banners.


Banner Copy: It’s best for mesh banners to have concise messages on only one line. This will allow the font size to be bigger.


Banner Colors: Mesh banners should be eye-catching with bright and bold colors. A bold color, such as royal blue, will be much more visible on mesh fabric than a pastel color, such as baby blue. Also, the font color should highly contrast against the background color. This will make the text more distinguishable. For example, black font against a yellow background will stand out more than black font against a blue background.


For more information on printing and designing mesh banners in Downtown San Francisco, the Financial District, or Civic Center, contact us today! Fill out a Request a Quote form online or call us at (415) 781-4910.

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