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Searching for a way to make a huge statement about your next special event or promotion? Try grabbing attention with high-impact posters customized to impress. 

Sometimes the best way to tell people about your sale, party, store opening, or candidate is with a BOLD message. Broadcast your offerings with professionally printed event posters and signs from AlphaGraphics.



  • Rich, full color or black and white prints
  • Shapes and sizes to fit every space
  • High-quality paper and synthetic stocks and finishes
  • Various mounting options for hanging or freestanding signage


  • Event posters
  • Fine art prints
  • Canvas prints
  • Framed prints
  • Tapestries
  • Textile art


  • Develop total corporate identity packages to help build your brand
  • Choose full color or black and white printing on the latest digital equipment
  • Design your own posters or ask our marketing team for help
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From full-service design and content creation, to advanced digital printing and delivery, we'll help you entice and persuade potential clients to act. 


Have you considered a customized poster that includes personalization, a QR code, or SMS short-code? With our large format printing and multi-channel marketing solutions, you can create integrated campaigns to significantly increase your company's ROI. Ask us how we can incorporate cross-media strategies into your event marketing mix!


Whether you need one or one thousand prints or haven't quite nailed down a concept, look to AlphaGraphics for all of your custom poster printing needs. Need to get your project off the ground? Contact us today!

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At AlphaGraphics in Sunnyvale, we are committed to giving you options for promotion products. If you want to get someone’s attention, we’re here to help. Our posters are a professional, cost effective option that can help make a name for your business quickly and easily.


To ensure you get the perfect signage, you need options. This is the reason we offer a variety of custom printed signs and posters that can be printed on coroplast, gatorboard, vinyl or foam core. Your poster can be printed either 1 or 2 sided and in full color. The following list includes some ideas of ways to effectively use your posters.

  • Directional Signs
  • Retail Signage
  • Point of Purchase Displays (creatively displaying products)
  • Building Signs
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Poster printing is another one of many advertising and marketing tools that are utilized by companies or organizations to announce public events or promote products and services. In so many words, it is every bit a science as it is an art. This is one of the primary reasons that you want to hire the services of a professional printer. Doing so will enable you to avoid the following mistakes that oftentimes occur with poster printing.

Using our state of the art technology you will have perfect cuts to further enhance your poster. If not cut properly people will notice, and it will make people wonder if your business pays attention to smallest of details. We will go to all ends to make sure that you receive the highest quality print possible. Another huge element when it comes to constructing your poster is the use of color.

Professional color quality is imperative whenever you advertise using poster printing. It is the difference between being drawn to a poster that has been created to maximize eye appeal or repelled by one that is too bright and busy or too boring and dismal. Our team will help you utilize our full ensemble of colors and contrast them to your liking.

Your image is the basis of your poster. Alphagraphics will provide you with the necessary technology to place a sharp image. Image distortion is another critical issue that we oftentimes see in poster printing. This usually indicates what is known as “bad scaling” which happens when companies scale their designs or graphics to match their required printing dimensions. When this happens, the images in the poster will usually be distorted.

We stress to make sure that your image and background color are sharp and visually appealing. Putting out a poster that has some inaccuracies can turn off clients. Some of the examples of inaccurate poster printing include having fully-detailed designs, graphics, or images that have white spaces at the edges of them or misaligned elements of the poster. Alphagraphics will guarantee having the work done by a professional printer is that they have the proper tools for the job.

For any questions regarding our posters or other services please call 408-747-9000


We also offer non-traditional options in addition to basic signage. Custom channel letter signs for building signage is one such option. To create one of these signs, give us a picture or outline of what you’d like your sign to look like and we will create a fully functional 3D sign that will hang outside of your building. Our other non-traditional options for signage include window lettering, lettering, custom vehicle wraps, vinyl cutouts, and graphics. Each of these options comes in a variety of colors and sizes. They can be used for schools, business, sports teams or vehicles.

Come into AlphaGraphics in Sunnyvale today and let us help create your perfect sign.

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