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We produce professional acrylic signage in-house using our high-quality flatbed printer.  The process prints directly onto the face of the acrylic which has the benefit of emphasizing colors and graphics.  Basically, making the text and images “pop”.

Acrylic signs are an elegant choice for showcasing in your office, home, or any professional or business environment.  Acrylic is a clear and durable material that is made from polymers of acrylic acid, or acrylates, and is known for its beauty, clarity, and depth.  Acrylic is often used for Awards, Lobby signs, Directional and Architectural signage, and are a great option for either indoor or outdoor usage.

Acrylic Signs


Our standard thickness for acrylic signs is ⅛ inch.  This is recommended for most projects. However, if you’re not sure ⅛ inch is sufficient for your needs, we also offer a ¼ inch acrylic at a slightly higher price.


And if you’re needing an even thicker acrylic that is more rigid and durable, then we also offer both ½ inch and 1” acrylic as a specialty material.  


For more information on this material please give AlphaGraphics on University a call!


Clear Acrylic


For signage as versatile as your clientele, look no further than high visibility, low-cost acrylic sign solutions from AlphaGraphics.

High-grade acrylic is a very unique material. It can be transparent or opaque plastic that resembles glass, but is far more durable and adaptable. Acrylic makes fashionable signage extremely cost effective.


Whether you’re in the market for individual letters to spell out your business name or a backlit directional sign for your office lobby, acrylic is the chameleon of materials.




  • Protect printed graphics and lettering from harsh elements
  • Be paired with metal for an elegant look
  • Be non-glare or high gloss
  • Mimic etched glass when frosted
  • Be cut and layered for a 3D effect
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Painted, printed, backlit, or frosted, acrylic signs are the optimal method to impress for less. Combine this flexible material with AlphaGraphics advanced digital printing techniques and a team of marketing gurus, and you’ve got a recipe for powerful signage that will knock out the competition.

With the recent introduction of white ink, reverse printed images can be backed up with a white layer to create a reflective image or a light diffuser for back-lit signs. Crisp and colorful graphics are printed directly onto the acrylic material to suit just about any interior or exterior environment.


What about installation? Well, we do that too. The only limit is your imagination.


  • Glue it
  • Tape it
  • Suction it
  • Hang it

Our team can even fabricate it so that your sign is self-supporting!



  • Building signage
  • Dimensional lettering and logos
  • Easels and brochure holders
  • Commercial and industrial applications

  • Showrooms
  • Lobby displays
  • Tradeshow exhibits
  • Retail signs
  • Name badges

  • Directional and Informational signs
  • Menu boards
  • Point-of-purchase products
  • Nameplates

Need to freshen up your design or get tips on the best display options? AlphaGraphics has done it all, and we’re here to help you develop and implement innovative solutions for your marketing goals.

Contact a team member to set up a free strategic consultation today!

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What is this acrylic material? is it Plexiglass? or is it glass? Whats the difference between Plexiglass and Acrylic?

Acrylic is not glass but a hardened plastic. Acrylic is a strong and durable material, but it is not shatterproof; it can break.  

I need holes drilled in custom locations. / Can I just drill my own holes?

Yes. You can certainly drill your own holes should you choose.  Any common drill with the proper bit will work with your acrylic sign.  However, any damage caused to the sign from such attempts are not covered: there will be no refunds, and repair or replacement work is billable.  For any special needs or requests, please specify your requirements in the project description portion of the get a quote page. 


What is a standard size for a sign? Can I have a custom sign?

Acrylic signs truly come in every shape and size. We offer any custom size you may need so long as the dimensions aren’t smaller than 4” or bigger than 96”. Standard acrylic sign sizes we offer include: 12"x12", 24"x12", 36"x18", 2'x4', 4'x4', 4'x8'


How long will the acrylic signs last?

The lifespan of your acrylic sign will largely depend on how you use it and what kind of care it is given. With proper care and placement, your acrylic sign should last a minimum of 5 years.  Please let us know your needs so we can offer advice on special circumstances.


Will my artwork affect the pricing of printing? / What if my file is one color does that bring the cost down?

For our LFC procedures we always print in full color (CMYK) which means we don’t charge more or less based upon your graphic or number of colors.  However, if you don't have artwork but need printed acrylic, our design services team can help create your art starting at a $30 minimum. Basically, the cost of your sign will vary on its size, shape & thickness, as well as any additional options that may be selected and how many you order.


Do you offer double sided acrylic signs?

Acrylic is a clear/transparent material so printing double-sided is possible, but must be done in a special way.  Basically, the images must both be facing the same direction so they are viewable from one side only (making the image viewable from both sides will not work).  We then print each side separately in order to make the image work together - because we have to print on both sides, the cost will increase. However, printing on both sides can give a 3 Dimensional look to your art as each portion of the final are printed on separate planes with the clear material between.


Do you print onto the acrylic or is there a piece of vinyl overlay?

For all of our signs, including acrylic, we print directly onto the material. In our experience printing directly onto the acrylic gives a more durable finish to the sign.


What color is the default acrylic?

Our standard acrylic is a clear/transparent material, therefore it is colorless.


Are standoffs included with my acrylic signs? 

Standoffs are implements used to provide additional layers between items.  We use standoffs to raise your sign above the surface of the wall or background surface.  Essentially, we attach the bottom of the stand off to the base surface, and then we attach the sign to the standoffs so they ‘stand off’ from that base surface, again providing a 3 dimensional look or feel.  We do offer standoffs for your custom acrylic signs at an additional cost, simply write in the job description when requesting a quote and your acrylic sign will come with standoffs. Still looking for something more specific? We also carry wall anchors, screws, and standoff tubes and caps. The standoffs themselves vary in width and height.

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