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CDs, DVDs and flash drives are an inexpensive way to deliver digital information and market your brand. AlphaGraphics offers efficient replication services, so you can rest assured that your vital files and data are in expert hands.

Whether you are making a few CDs of your band’s first songs, preserving old family movies as mp4's, or sending a software guide to thousands of clients, we’ve got you covered. Don't risk compromising the integrity of your work with sub-par reproductions.

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  • Full-color jewel case insert printing and assembly
  • Disc face printing and replication
  • Restoration and archiving of documents and photos
  • Shipping and distribution
  • Warehousing and fulfillment

There are no minimum orders! Whether you need to reproduce presentations, training videos or promotional materials, our marketing team will put the most advanced technologies to work on your project.

AlphaGraphics has state-of-the-art CD, DVD and thumb drive replication and labeling technology that protects your valuable materials.


  • Bring in your CD, DVD or flash-drive and plan your project with our design team.
  • Choose from disc face printing options like:
    • Thermal imprinting
    • Inkjet
    • Silk screen
  • Select your packaging, finishing and delivery details.


  • Envelopes
  • Jewel cases
  • DVD cases
  • Disk sleeves
  • Shrink wrap


  • Booklets
  • Fold-over brochures
  • Flat inserts
  • Binder or presentation folder inserts
  • Branded stickers or decals

We ensure that your digital files are formatted correctly on the disc for proper functionality on their intended devices. That’s the best part of working with a full-service partner, we can handle every detail so you can devote your energy to more pressing projects.

Don’t wait another day! Call us to request an estimate today.

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At AlphaGraphics in Wheaton, we offer the best CD replication services around. It doesn’t matter if you need lots of copies or just a few, we will help you every step of the way. Don’t waste time trying to replicate CDs yourself, just to end up with an inferior product; come visit us today and get the highest quality copies around.

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Replicating CDs doesn’t have to be a lengthy, complicated process. At AlphaGraphics, we make it easy for you. In just a few steps, we can have you on your way with your copies that are just as good as the original.

  • Talk to our team about what you want to accomplish. We’ll go over all your marketing and production options.

  • Choose the products and services that work best for your needs.

  • Choose your package and the number of copies you want made.

  • We’ll take care of the rest!

Options And Additional Services

We offer lots of options and additional services related to CD replication at AlphaGraphics, so you can get everything accomplished in one convenient location. Running all over town is a thing of the past when you work with us. Some of our options include:

  • Restoration and archiving of personal or business documents and other files

  • Small or large-batch replications that never compromise quality

  • Professional-grade packaging, including jewel cases, covers, and shrink wrapping

  • Step-by-step assistance for developing complete marketing packages

With so many options, no matter if you’re just copying CDs for personal reasons or as part of a bigger business project, you can get exactly what you’re looking for and more at AlphaGraphics.

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Start utilizing the CD replication services at AlphaGraphics in Wheaton today. Call our center at (630) 653-2442 or request a free quote online.