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Tips for Keeping Toasty Warm on New Year’s Eve

5 Cold Weather Safety Tips

  1. Bundle Up! – Layering insulates the body by creating several pockets of warm air around it, which helps keep the body’s core temperature at its average 98.6°F. The best way to layer is to start with a base layer of tight-fitting thermal materials that wick moisture away from the skin and keep you dry. Avoid cotton, it absorbs moisture and traps it on the skin making you colder. Then add a middle layer meant to insulate the body such as wool, fleece, sweaters, and long-sleeved shirts. Finally, the outer layer (the protective shell) is ideally a waterproof, wind resistant, breathable jacket.
  2. Stay Dry – Protect yourself from the elements. If it’s snowing, avoid staying out in the snow as much as possible. Move quickly between buildings, use a car when you can, and when you must be outside, try to walk under a shelter or use an umbrella.
  3. Accessorize with Hats & Mittens - Covering as much exposed skin as possible will keep you warmer longer by preventing your internal body heat from escaping. Take extra care when it comes to your extremities, particularly fingers and toes. When you have an choice between mittens and gloves, go with mittens. Yes, you will lose dexterity, but the hands stay warmer when your fingers are clustered together.
  4. Keep Hydrated – When you are dehydrated your body has to work harder and spend more energy to maintain a safe core temperature. Drink lots of water and warm drinks even if you aren’t thirsty. This will provide hydration and warmth to your body.
  5. Keep Moving  - The more active you are in cold weather, the more heat your body will generate to keep you warm.
We hope you have a safe and wonderful celebration. Remember to check in with us in the coming year for all your printing needs.

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