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Book Marketing

To be found, or not to be found

Once we’ve helped you publish your book, the next step is marketing your work and getting it into the hands of your targeted audience with a strategy that makes sense
In order to help self-published authors find success, we’ve created our Take Your Book to Market program, a comprehensive plan that uses a variety of media channels to build awareness and boost your book’s sales. With the program, we’ll help you build a book marketing framework that includes:
  • Social media
  • Blogging
  • Publicity
  • Promotions
  • Direct selling
  • Email marketing
  • And much more!
Through Take Your Book to Market, you’ll learn how to focus less on just selling books and more on the long-term success of your own personal brand. Let us show you how with book marketing services from AlphaGraphics.

Common Questions

  • Why choose AlphaGraphics?
The book marketing solutions provided by AlphaGraphics will help you promote and distribute your work using a strategy designed to reach your targeted audience. Instead of relying on random media tactics like blogging or tweets, work with a team that will help you create a plan to get your work into the hands of readers.

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