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Creating Increased Awareness With Die Cut Printed Materials

The SUMMA Flatbed Cutter and the Heidelberg Cylinder Die-Cutter

Cutters play an essential role in the world of printing. From envelopes to posters, all products need to be cut a certain way. Whether this is to fulfill a certain dimension or to have cut-outs in the product, each of these machines can do the job.

SUMMA Flatbed Cutter

The SUMMA Flatbed Cutter is a machine that, at first glance, looks like a large metal table. The product is laid on the surface of the cutter and using a vacuum system the material is pulled down so as not to move around. Then, the machine’s head hovers over the product and cuts out the desired design. Depending on the material the cutting is made from multiple passes with either a sharp blade (cutting plastic, vinyl or paper material) or a router bit (cutting wood, metal or other solid material). [embed][/embed] Cutting with the SUMMA Flatbed Cutter includes many benefits. One is the ability to cut and/or mill different materials, such as metal, wood, plastic, and paper. These are best used for general cutting and low-volume orders because of their cost-efficiency. Although Flatbeds are slower than rotary die cutters, they’re perfect for cutting wider materials and short orders. [embed][/embed] The Flatbed is also great for “kiss-cutting.” This is a form of cutting where the machine makes a light impression, cutting through the vinyl, but not completely through the backing material. Kiss cutting is great for cutting adhesive-backed parts, such as stickers and plastic bandages; any product in which you peel and stick. Need a custom cut sign? Contact one of our sign experts today by clicking here so they can help you choose a material that will be best for your project. Simply need a quote? Click here to request a quote.

Heidelberg Cylinder Die-Cutter

When most people hear the phrase “die-cutter,” they may think of the small, portable cutter used for arts and crafts. However, in the printing industry, the die cutter used is much different. At AlphaGraphics, we use the Heidelberg Cylinder Die Cutter, which is a massive machine used primarily for cutting large quantities of card-stock and paper. Die Cutting MachineHow it works is simple: the machine is fed a stack of the chosen paper stock. The die cutter has a precision machined cylindrical roll, which is called an anvil. As the material is fed through the machine, it becomes pinched between the sharp edge of the die and smooth surface of the anvil, which cuts the material into the desired shape. Die For A Die CutterThe die cutter is also great for high-volume orders and produces less waste. Another benefit to this machine is its high speed and tolerance, as well as high accuracy. With its ability to perform multiple functions in the same processing cycle, the finished products are able to have complicated and multi-layered parts.    

Getting Started

No matter what the product is made out of or the shape it needs to be cut into, here at AlphaGraphics, there is a machine for every job. Need a custom die made? Contact one of our experts today by clicking here so they can get you started with one of our designers to design up a die for your project. Call us at (208) 356-0170 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="340" title="true"]

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