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EDDM: What's this all about?!


What is Every Door Direct Mail (EDDM)?

If you’re a business owner without the million dollar advertising budget of a big company or are struggling to find a marketing niche that covers your investment with its ROI, it’s time to see what an EDDM campaign can do for you. Every Door Direct Mail is a program started by USPS which allows anyone to easily take advantage of direct mail. Uniquely sized mail pieces are delivered to all residences/businesses on a particular carrier route. Think of your mail carrier going to every home on your block and putting a post card in your neighbor's mail box - that's the idea! EDDM is a simple, fast, cost effective way to target a specific area with your message. If you are looking for the solution for direct mail at a fraction of the cost - this is it.

Just another piece of junk mail?

Direct mail advertising was once a staple of marketing because it was a surefire way to make sure thousands of people would all venture out to their mailboxes and see your message, plain as day. But, as time has gone on and the direct mail market saturated, junk mail became the scourge of mailboxes everywhere and soon, it was nearly impossible for anyone to distinguish what was junk and what was worthwhile. That's where EDDM can be a benefit. All EDDM cards are uniquely sized so they will not blend in with your other mail. These odd ball sizes (ie: 4.5" x 12", 8.5" x 7", 6.5" x 12") are more likely to grab someone's attention and get their eye's on your message.

Fraction of the Cost

When looking for cost effective marketing solutions, many small businesses turn to e-mail marketing. While in some cases this can be effective, it means you are competing with a market that is already over saturated. More often than not, ending up unread, in the trash folder. EDDM is a smart solution that costs less than you probably think. The postage for each mail piece is only $0.156 each! (Compared to a stamp at $0.49 each).

The Solution

EDDM is so simple and it’s gaining the favor of more and more smart marketers out there. From local businesses looking to spread the word to larger companies that want to bolster business in targeted areas, EDDM is driving traffic like no other direct mail campaign. As experts in the budding world of EDDM, AlphaGraphics is here to help you create one success after another, one piece of direct mail at a time.

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