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Increase Your Reach with Facebook!

Are you using Facebook to Increase Your Reach?  It's not enough to just have a page.  To really get the maximum benfits of Facebook you should have a custom page that engages your customers.  There are many ways to make your Facebook page stand out: Custom Profile Picture - Go way beyond your logo in your Page's profile picture. You can add special messaging, incentives, promotions - whatever your creativity comes up with! Facebook allows you to insert an image up to 540 pixels long, providing plenty of opportunity to increase your messaging power.   Custom Welcome Tab - Static HTML is a powerful app within Facebook that allows targeted marketing content to be added to your Page. For example, you can create a Welcome Tab, to which visitors who have not yet "liked" your Page will be directed. Special messaging, including a call-to-action to "like" your Page, can be included here, creating a richer experience for your visitors. Static HTML can also be used to add a list of your products and services, hours of operation, or other content from your website.   Optimized Info Tab - Facebook allows for quite a bit of content to be added to this Tab, so use it for all you can. Include items like your company vision, product descriptions, address, phone number, website URL, partners, coupon codes etc.   Apps - Facebook and outside developers have introduced a bevy of apps to trick out your Page. You can add extra features like your company blog, Twitter Feed, and videos. Some companies are even including a store on their Page, allowing their fans to purchase their products without ever leaving Facebook. Interested in maximizing the design and functionality of your company's Facebook Page? For more information email me at or contact Danielle Gregor at 630-964-9600.

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