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‘Tis the Season for Display Banners

Spring and summer are prolific times of year for large format advertising for a number of reasons, none bigger than the concept of outdoor displays. Everything from sandwich boards and awning signs to banners and flags plays a role in the upcoming advertising season, simply because these mediums are built to get people’s attention while they’re out and about in the real world. Think about all of the reasons people have to leave their houses in the spring and summer months. Aside from the great weather, sporting events, concerts, festivals, outdoor dining and a myriad of other options all become immediately accessible when seasonable weather returns. And what do all of these have in common? The answer is banners: banners big and small that let everyone know exactly what’s going on! Banners are at the top of the advertising food chain during our fairer seasons for a number of reasons and any marketer looking to address their springtime advertising needs would be wise to turn their attention to what banners can offer: • High return on investment. Banners are cost effective to produce, highly versatile in their applications, easily recognized as a form of advertising and re-useable, making the initial investment in one an investment that lasts. • Banners are attention grabbing. It’s hard to miss something as visually imposing as a banner and the human eye is naturally drawn to banners when they’re present because they break up the plane of our normal vision. • Easy to produce. Along with being highly cost effective, banners are also easy to produce and can be ordered for numerous applications. If the information you’re trying to project changes or varies, it’s no problem to get a new banner made quickly, without a major hit to your pocketbook. • Extensive capabilities. Banners are big enough to contain just about any message you want someone to see, as well as any visuals you might be looking to project to your audience. Whether you’re advertising a sale or pumping an event, there’s a better than likely chance that a banner is going to relay the message properly. Among these basic reasons banners are so predominant, it’s also important to remember their versatility when it comes to application. Spring and summer present numerous application possibilities for banners to be employed to great effect, including: • Concerts, festivals, gatherings, reunions, markets and more outdoor activities that tend to draw a crowd. • Trade shows, conferences, conventions, expos and other corporate events that may attract vendors, suppliers and companies to a single location. • Sporting events for all levels of play and across all sports, as well as other spectator events that may be in the same vein. Spring brings with it a prime opportunity for marketers who know the power of a single banner or a marketing campaign that relies on banners to spread the word. Whether it’s indoor or outdoor, large or small, a banner used correctly during the spring and summer months is a banner that’s going to do its part in your outreach campaign. [gallery ids="292,291,290,289,287,286"]

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