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Window Advertising: Bringing in Foot Traffic all Summer Long

Can’t wait for the summer weather to start sticking around, so you can get out there and enjoy the world? You’re not alone! As soon as the thermometer starts climbing, the sun starts shining and the days start getting longer, people everywhere are making it a point to make the most of this welcoming season. If you’re a small business owner, summer also means the return of a major opportunity for your brick and mortar store: foot traffic and pedestrian advertising. And, if you’re going to entice passersby to stop on in and see what your business is all about, you’re going to need to invest in a smart way of doing it. What better way than window advertising? A no commitment way to advertise The door between the outside world and the inside of your establishment represents a commitment: as soon as it’s opened and someone walks inside, they’ve made a commitment to checking out your goods or services. Because of this unspoken commitment, many people tend to shy away from making a decision about entering. Window advertising offers a no commitment way for people to “shop” with you and it’s a great way to peak their interest or curiosity about what you might have to offer them. Let’s take a look at a basic example: Bob owns an ice cream shop. Jane, walking by on the street, knows what he sells (ice cream), but she’s not sure if he offers her favorite flavor: butter pecan. If Jane goes into Bob’s ice cream shop, she’s going to feel obligated to get ice cream—even if he doesn’t have butter pecan. The uncertainty of this situation keeps Jane from going in. If Bob were to have a sign in the window that says “offering 20 delicious flavors” with a list of each flavor below it, Jane would know that he does offer butter pecan and thus, would be enticed into going in a getting a double scoop! Providing pedestrian customers with information or an interesting prospect is the key to bringing them in and overcoming that reluctance to commit to walking through the door! Summer sales and specials If there’s one thing shoppers expect during the summer months, it’s special sales and promotions. This is one of the most prolific retail segments of the year and businesses often capitalize on it by driving sales with unique promotions. If you’re one of these businesses and you’re offering a can’t-miss sale, make sure it truly can’t be missed with a window decal. The quick application, bold facing and low investment cost of window decals makes them a quick and effective fix to the solution of advertising during the summer. It hits on all of the most important sales strategies you’ll need to make your special promotion a hit:
  • Decals stand out, making them an effective form of advertising.
  • There’s a clear target demographic: the people walking past your store.
  • The call to action is instant: shoppers will find fulfillment on the advertising promise when they walk into your establishment.
Window decals work as start-to-finish marketing tools that pay for themselves quickly: they capture attention, communicate a benefit and call a buyer to action. Make your business stand out this summer! The summer season and the pedestrian marketing opportunities that come with it shouldn’t be taken lightly or wasted! Make sure you’ve got the right window signs and decals to make your business a local hotspot this summer. Get in touch with AlphaGraphics today for design and print services that will further help to set you apart in the eyes of potential customers.

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