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5 Must-Have Postcard Mailing Features and Why They’re Important

Postcards have long been a staple in direct mail advertising, and for good reason: they’re a low-cost solution to marketing with the potential for a high return. Of course, like any piece of marketing collateral, your return is largely based on how well you’ve designed your marketing message. The biggest downfall of a postcard mailer is its small size, which means you’re going to have to be succinct and straightforward when it comes to your message. Moreover, in order to stay out of the “junk mail” pile, you’ll need to design something that stands out from the pack. And while many marketers know this, they often overlook smaller details in pursuit of trying to send a larger message. Let’s take a look at 5 often-overlooked features that are absolutely essential when designing your next postcard mailer:
  1. Benefits-driven copy: Pitching something and selling it are two very different things. Most postcards are designed around the premise of a pitch—i.e. “take a look at what we have to offer you!” To have a higher success rate for your next mailer, consider designing it from a selling perspective—i.e. “here’s what you’ll get if you choose us.” When customers understand what they’re getting out of the offer (the benefit), they’re more likely to act on it. Don’t focus on features; focus on benefits!
  2. Your location and map: If this is a mailer for new customers (or even returning customers), having a small map or succinct, descriptive directions means helping your call to action. A visual representation of where you can be found means engraining your locale into the heads of customers who will easily be able to recall that information later on. Even if they don’t have your mailer, they’ll know where to find you.
  3. QR code or unique identifier: Not enough postcards are designed with a way to track engagement. QR codes and other variable data identifiers are the most effective way to help you track the dissemination of your mailer and gauge its effectiveness. Think past the design and the delivery—if you’re going to craft a better campaign, you’ll need to know what works! Set up unique identifiers with specific actions, such as “scan here for coupon” or “present this unique code in-store.”
  4. Your logo: When you get wrapped up in designing the message for your mailer, it’s easy to forget your logo! If your customers don’t know who’s sending them an offer, they’re not going to take the time to track you down. On the flipside, don’t make your branding so overbearing that it overshadows your message. Create a marriage between the two for optimal results.
  5. A clear call to action: How do you want your postcard recipients to act when they receive your postcard? It’s important to provide instructions to ensure you’re actually enticing people to act, rather than leaving them to their own devices. Give them more than a “shop today” or a “call us” prompt—motivate them! Calls to action like “hurry, this is a limited time offer” or “claim your special benefit today” entice people with a more focused appeal, causing them to act.
Design, copy and a distribution plan are all cornerstones of creating a postcard mailer, but it’s important not to forget the smaller details as well. Make sure your next postcard has the above 5 features and you’ll quickly see a more powerful message taking shape. Get in touch with AlphaGraphics Lisle today to learn more about how to craft the perfect postcard with the help of our marketing and printing professionals!

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