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Now is the Time to Print Those Summer Signs!

Now is the Time to Print Those Summer Signs! Like anything, advertising is a seasonal endeavor. Your retail shop might carry different products in the summer than in the winter, or your service-based business may offer a different range of capabilities depending on the season. Advertising needs to keep up with these changes and adapt to the season. And, with summer fast approaching, it’s time to consider the potential for summertime signage. Exploring summer signage Summer signage is defined through its presentation and accessibility. It needs to be visible to people spending time outdoors—passersby who can easily read and digest your message while they’re strolling down the sidewalk or enjoying the comforts of an outdoor space. Some clear examples of summertime signage include:
  • Sandwich boards are a quick way to catch the attention of people sharing the sidewalk and can be their own point-of-sale advertisement if crafted correctly.
  • Window signage that’s big enough to be seen by walkers, cyclists and motorists is a great way to encourage window shopping by people enjoying the summer weather.
  • Banners and flags are the great attention-grabbers of the summer season! They’re vibrant and undeniable, easily spotted from a distance by pedestrians.
Keep in mind, summer seasonal signage isn’t just general large-print signage—it’s signage that people have been trained to recognize and pay attention to. For example, bright flags at a car dealership almost certainly signal a sale, while huge window signs at a retail store generally grab more attention than a clear view into the store might. Why print now? Summer may still be a good couple of months off, but it’s in your best interest to start designing and printing your signage right now. In doing so, you’ll stay ahead of the curve, be ready to handle the sudden influx of advertising potential, and be able to focus your attention elsewhere during the busy season. Take a simple coffee shop, for example. Chances are, you know what summer drinks you’ll be rolling out when June and July arrive. With these facts already concrete, you can start designing and printing the advertising materials for their introduction and sale, months ahead of time. With the advertising signage taken care of by May, you’ll be able to focus your attention on inventory, preparation and other facets of marketing in the meantime. Also, it’s important to remember that staying ahead of the competition is the secret to winning over seasonal summertime business. If your business has signage up and on display right as the summer season starts, you may win over customers from your competitor down the block, who has yet to get their summer messaging out. Tips for effective summer signs Simply having summer signage isn’t enough. You need to make sure your signage is accessible, eye-catching and easily understood. Take a look at a few simple tips for producing summer signs that are effective:
  • Be big and bold! The easier your signage is to see from a distance or among a crowd, the more impressions you’ll make throughout the season.
  • Keep your messaging simple. People need to be able to understand your signage at a glance. If they can, they’ll be more inclined to act, instead of spending time digesting the message.
  • Change your signage frequently. You’re likely going to get a lot of the same foot traffic during the summer season—changing your messaging helps you to continue to stand out against the same audience.
  • Use multiple forms of signage to fully get your message across. Pairing window signs with a sandwich board or using banners and awnings together is a great way to make a bigger impression. Be careful not to overdo it though!
Perhaps the biggest tip for summer signage success, however, is to partner with AlphaGraphics Lisle for professional design and print services. We’ll make sure your summer signage is optimized for success—we can even be your marketing experts for how to deploy your summer signage to reach its maximum audience and effectiveness!  Request a free quote today!

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