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Are Stickers Primed to be the Comeback Marketing Trend of 2018?

Marketing trends come and go just like anything else. And, like most trends, marketing is cyclical—meaning what falls out of favor today could be reinvented tomorrow. Such is the case with stickers. Popular all throughout the 1990s and early 2000s, these simple marketing statements may be poised to make a big impression in 2018. Why are stickers—of all marketing trends—making a comeback? The answer is simple. Literally. Stickers are the pinnacle of simplicity! And, as design trends slim down to minimalism and branding takes a turn for the basic, stickers represent the ideal medium to convey grassroots messaging.

Peel. Stick. Brand.

Aside from being the perfect platform for minimalist marketing, stickers also have a unique characteristic that makes them diabolically effective pieces of marketing collateral. They’re interactive! Everyone loves to peel the back off a sticker and slap it onto a surface. It’s this interactivity that elicits effectiveness from stickers. Just walk through any college campus and you’ll see stickers on laptops, garbage cans, light poles, doors, walls and just about any other surface. Sticker interaction offers dual benefits. First, it has a direct impression on whoever claims the sticker. This initial interaction is a gateway for exposure for the brand. And, even if that person isn’t receptive, there’s still another branding opportunity for everyone who sees the sticker thereafter.

Pick Your Message

Stickers need to remain simple to be effective. For this reason, they’re kind of like a silver bullet. You get one message: make sure it’s the right one. Let’s take a look at a few proven examples of sticker messaging done right:
  • Apple: Apple has an ongoing sticker campaign. Every Apple product you buy comes with Apple-shaped stickers. No words. No distractions. Just Apple. The message is simple to anyone using the sticker: they support Apple products. This is grassroots branding at its finest.
  • Jimmy Johns: With catchy slogans like “Free Smells” and “Freaky Fast,” Jimmy Johns stickers have helped to expand the company’s marketing opportunities in the simplest of ways. People recognize the branding on JJ’s stickers, enjoy the witty quip and keep them in mind the next time they’re hungry. The message changes with each slogan, but the result is the same: sales.
  • Presidential: Go to any presidential rally and you’re going to come away with a sticker. This has been the practice since the 1950s and it has continued for good reason: stickers offer exceptional exposure through simple messaging. All it takes is a campaign slogan or the symbol of a donkey/elephant to market an idea.
Whatever your messaging approach, it has to remain simple—that’s the spirit of a sticker. By constraining the message to fit the medium, it creates a powerfully concise, ongoing piece of marketing collateral.

Return of the Sticker

Whether you leave them laying around your establishment, hand them out at events or even put them up for sale, stickers need to be part of your business’ advertising campaigns in 2018. They’re extremely cost-effective, highly persuasive and offer exceptional longevity through application. Plus, they’re appealing! With print marketing in general on the upswing, stickers are primed for a comeback in 2018. Start mocking up your designs now, before you start seeing competitor stickers all over the place! AlphaGraphics Lisle is here to help with both design and print, to ensure you’re getting the stickers that are ideal for your marketing efforts in the coming year.

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