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Breaking Down the Elements of an Effective Direct Mail Ad

Direct mailers are exciting and inventive advertising tools that you can use to take your brand’s messaging right to the homes and workplaces of countless prospective and current customers. While they can require a substantial amount of time and expertise to execute successfully, direct mailers are one of the most tried-and-true marketing techniques available. There are a number of ways that companies can ensure their advertising dollars are spent in an effective and meaningful matter. If you are investing in a direct mail campaign for your business, be aware of the different components that make for successful and effective mail marketing, including:
  • Targeting: Before you begin the process of designing and creating content for your direct mailers, define and narrow your projected audience. Whether you gather your own list or purchase information from a list broker, have a clear idea of who purchases your products and services and how you can reach them directly. Your direct mail campaign is much more likely to be successful when paired with extensive amounts of market research.
  • Timing and personalization: Once you’ve identified your target audience, begin to plan out your mailer campaign. Direct mailers should always include some level of personalization—usually accomplished by variable data printing that allows large runs to print unique information. For instance, you may want to include the addressee’s name on each mailer. You should also pay close attention to the timing of the mailer. While it may seem like a good idea to ramp up distribution in advance of a holiday, for instance, seasonal oversaturation may mean that your mailer gets lost in the fray.
  • Creative design: The visual appearance of your mailer is, arguably, the most important aspect of your direct mail campaign. Use a design that is eye-catching, yet still aesthetically appealing. Be sure to incorporate any branded colors that you routinely use in your marketing collateral. The size and shape of your mailer should also be large and unique. Alternatively shaped mailers are much more likely to catch the attention of your audience than traditional postcard-shaped pieces.
  • Clear messaging: Your mailer’s messaging should be clear, easy to understand and consistent with your overall brand voice. Use branded phrases where appropriate. Be sure to include some type of incentive in the mailer’s messaging, as well. By offering discounts or special incentives for customers who bring the mailer into your store, you can more easily track the success of your campaign over time. If it’s appropriate, try to personalize your marketing message to your audience.
With a properly designed direct mail campaign, you can substantially increase your brand’s audience. When executed correctly, direct mail campaigns can elevate the number of prospective and current customers interacting with your brand. If you’re hoping to begin a direct mail marketing campaign this spring, consult with one of the experts at AlphaGraphics in Lisle. We are full-service marketing and print specialists that can help you design, write and distribute effective, high-quality mailers!

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