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Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Strategy: Tips for a Refresh

Spring Cleaning Your Marketing Strategy: Tips for a Refresh

Spring is a time for renewal—and that applies to your marketing strategy just as much as your home! Small and medium-sized businesses change just as the seasons do. This means you need to take a fresh marketing approach to keep your business blooming.

It’s a good idea for brands to revisit their marketing strategy at least once a year, if not more often. With a little revitalization, you can refine your brand image and position your business for success through the rest of the year. If it’s been a while since your last audit and refresh, use these tips to spring-clean your marketing strategy.

Declutter Your Goals and Messaging

Step one is to think about the big picture—what you want to say, and the impact it’ll have.

  • Revisit your goals: Have your business goals shifted (or changed dramatically) since you last outlined them? Are you happy with your current marketing performance? Take a step back and assess where you stand today. Then, detail where you want to be months from now. Create attainable steps to help you get from point A to point B.
  • Refine your messaging: Is your brand voice still resonating with your target audience? If not, why? Spring cleaning is a great time to ensure your messaging is clear and concise. Conduct market studies and ensure your tone and approach are in line with your customer base.

Polish Your Online Presence

Digital platforms prioritize accurate information for SEO and advertising. Take stock of your online channels and ensure they’re up to date.

  • Website refresh: Is your website visually appealing and easy to navigate? Outdated information or slow loading times can hurt your brand image. Consider a refresh or revamp to create a user-friendly experience that mirrors your in-person marketing.
  • Social media audit: Review your social media platforms. Are you engaging with your audience on the platforms they use? Remove inactive profiles and focus on the platforms where you can build a strong community.
  • SEO check-up: Is your website optimized for search engines? Use relevant keywords throughout your website content to improve organic reach.

Revamp Physical Marketing Materials

It’s easy to let marketing collateral collect dust and fall out of date. Take stock of your physical materials to ensure they’re still accurate and appropriate for your current campaigns.

  • Signage audit: Take a look at your storefront, mobile and interior signage. Is it faded, outdated or damaged? Invest in high-quality, eye-catching signage to make a positive first impression.
  • Collateral refresh: Revisit your marketing brochures, flyers and other printed materials. Update visuals, messaging and offers to reflect your current brand and marketing focus.
  • Seasonality and trends: Incorporate seasonal themes or current trends into your marketing materials to keep your brand feeling fresh and relevant.

Embrace New Opportunities

During this refresh period, push your brand into new opportunities that open the doors to growth.

  • Explore new marketing channels: Is there a new platform your target audience is using? Consider experimenting with this new marketing channel to expand your reach.
  • Customer feedback: Gather feedback from your customers to see what resonates with them and identify areas for improvement. Loyalty programs and events are great ways to gather feedback while rewarding your brand champions.

Taking a fresh approach to marketing can lead to increased brand awareness, customer engagement and business growth. Ready to get started? AlphaGraphics is your one-stop shop for marketing revitalization! We’ll help with designing, printing and even brainstorming creative campaigns to get your brand noticed.


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