Custom Apparel &
T-Shirt Printing

Direct to Garment (DTG) printing is a revolutionary print technology that prints striking full-color images for custom apparel & accessories, t-shirt printing and promotional products.

What is Direct To Garment Printing?

Custom Apparel & T-shirt Printing

Direct to Garment printing, also known as DTG, is a printing process that imprints a digital image directly onto apparel, accessories or promotional products using revolutionary printing technology and inks.

Why choose DTG for your custom apparel and t-shirting printing?

  • Vibrant Color: Full-color high-resolution printing produces deeply saturated color
  • One Price: No setup means single-color and full-color designs cost the same
  • Low Quantity Requirements: Less leftover inventory for you
  • High-End Finish: The ink absorbs into the fabric meaning no glossy plastic feel
  • Customization: You dream it, we can print it
  • Sky is the Limit: Print on any color t-shirt
  • Quick Turn Around: No complex set up time



Low Minimum Orders Mean Greater Flexibility

Low minimum order requirements make it the ideal solution for everything from smaller quantity needs like employee t-shirts and bachelorette party t-shirts all the way to larger quantities for promotional items, event t-shirts and more. Flexibility is yours! 


Custom Apparel Printing on T-shirts and More!

Print your logo or message on some of our most highly requested items. Remember, the sky is the limit!
• T-shirts
• Sweatshirts & Hoodies
• Hats
• Tote Bags
• Bandanas (For Humans OR Pets!)
• Many Other Items Available. Ask to Learn About Options! 

FAQ About Direct-to-Garment Printing

 Questions about our custom apparel and t-shirt printing? We have answers! Keep reading for details.

  • Q: How does Direct to Garment Printing Work?

    A: DTG printing is a full-color printing process where a digital image prints directly onto textiles using specialized inkjet technology. The printer inks are sprayed onto the product with the ink absorbing into the fabric for a high-end finish. No crunchy or sticky end product!

  • Q: Explain the difference between Direct to Garment printing and screen printing.

    A:  DTG printing uses a printer to spray ink into a garment or product, while screen printing layers the ink on top of the fabric. Unlike screen printing, which applies each color to an item one color at a time, Direct to Garment printing applies a blend of several colors at one time.

  • Q: Is there a minimum quantity required?

    A: Minimum quantities required for Direct to Garment orders are far less than with other apparel and product customization methods. We have a $50 minimum order size. There are no quantity minimums.

  • Q: Do you charge per color to print with Direct to Garment printing?

     A: Pricing is based on the size of the artwork you are printing, rather than the number of colors used. Therefore, complex or multi-color designs can be printed without impacting price!