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How to Upgrade Your Outdated Building Signage

It's not uncommon for businesses to have outdated building signage that no longer represents their brand image. These outdated signs are not only ineffective in terms of marketing, but they can also be detrimental to the businesses they represent. Updating your building signage does not have to be complicated or expensive, and AlphaGraphics Stemmons Corridor makes this process easy. 

Our custom sign shop will work with you to design the perfect business sign to update your look. We offer many different types of building signage, including directional signs, wayfinding, dimensional letter signage, illuminated signs, channel letter signs, and logo signs. In this blog, we'll provide tips on how to upgrade your outdated building signage effectively. Contact us today!

Assess Your Current Signage

Begin by taking a good look at your current building signage, noting any issues with its design, colors, or materials. Consider the font style, images, and overall quality of the sign's appearance. Critically evaluate how your building signage compares to that of your competitors, and determine what aspects of your signage need an upgrade or a complete overhaul. Check out our past business signage today.

Consider Your Brand Identity

When upgrading your building signage, it is crucial that the design accurately reflects your brand identity. Consider factors such as your mission statement, company values, and target customers. The design should be consistent with your branding strategy and convey a positive first impression to potential customers. Our print marketing experts can help you with business branding today.

Choose Durable Materials

When considering the type of materials to be used on your new signage, it's essential to choose high-quality, durable materials. Be mindful of environmental factors such as rain, wind, sun, and snow, which may affect the longevity of your sign. Discuss your options with the sign specialists at AlphaGraphics Stemmons Corridor and choose materials that can withstand harsh conditions while still looking vibrant.

Incorporate Lighting

Illuminated signs are an effective way to grab the attention of viewers day or night. By adding lighting to your building signage, you can stand out from other competitors that do not have illuminated signage. Keep in mind that local zoning ordinances and business district regulations may factor in the type of lighting allowed, so it's best to get expert advice on this matter from a certified signage specialist. Call our sign shop today.

Use Eye-Catching Colors

Using eye-catching colors is an effective way to upgrade your outdated business signage. Choose colors that are bold and vibrant to make your sign more noticeable. The color scheme should also be consistent with your company's brand identity. For instance, if your brand is a luxury brand, you may want to use darker tones and hues. On the other hand, if your brand represents youthfulness and energy, brighter colors could be a good option. Ask our sign specialists for advice today.

Work with a Professional Signage Company

Upgrading your building signage is a complex process that requires the expertise of a certified signage company. A professional sign company, such as AlphaGraphics Stemmons Corridor, will work with you from start to finish, ensuring that your new signage accurately reflects your brand identity and effectively represents your business. A team of experienced sign designers can help optimize angles, sunlight direction, and legibility of the signage. Get started today!


Upgrading your outdated building signage is vital for your business's success. It is an excellent investment that can pay off in the long term by attracting more customers to your business. By partnering with our professional sign company, we will take care of every detail to ensure that your new building signage effectively represents your business. Call us today!

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