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Creative Uses for Wall & Window Graphics

Creative Uses for Wall & Window Graphics

Businesses often use wall and window graphics to promote their brand and draw customers in. Here are some ideas for unique, memorable graphics.

Large decals are often used to create graphic effects on walls and windows in order to catch people’s attention. Wall and window graphics can promote a business, display advertising messages, direct customers or visitors through a space, or simply brighten a room.

Consumers see graphical displays almost everywhere they go these days. To create a wall or window graphic that is truly memorable, you have to get innovative. The printers and designers at AlphaGraphics Northwest San Antonio are here to help you create something unique.

The following are a few ideas for creative ways to use these types of graphics to build brand awareness, assist customers, or enhance a space.

Expand a space without increasing the square footage

Wall and window graphics can create a sort of interactive advertising for your business. They can build brand awareness and draw customers in. You can do much more with these kinds of graphics than merely promoting your business and directing customers through your business premises.

Suppose you have a display room where customers can inspect or try out your products. You might have windows running along the storefront, but the rest of the space is probably surrounded by walls. Even a large space is likely to start feeling limited for your customers and employees alike. Graphic decals can create the perception of a much larger space, perhaps one specifically geared towards your products:

  • If you sell outdoor supplies, you can use wall graphics to turn part of your retail space into the great outdoors. This can allow your customers to envision themselves already using your products while hiking or camping.
  • A store that sells skiing gear could create the sense that its customers are already out on a slope.
  • A relatively small space can create a much greater sense of space with graphics that expand the space itself or provide “windows” that look out on beautiful vistas.

Draw customers in with optical illusions

Wall and window graphics provide instructions to your customers in various ways, such as by letting them know who you are and what you do, giving them directions to different areas of your business, and so on. You can use large graphics to capture consumers’ attention by giving them something that captures their attention for longer than the few instants needed to let them know, say, the name of your business.

Businesses have used optical illusions in advertising for decades, if not longer. Traditional optical illusions present fairly abstract images that trick our brains, so to speak, into seeing something that isn’t there. A still image may appear to be in motion, for example. Designers may hide subtle images in logos, such as the arrow in between the “e” and the “x” in the FedEx logo.

You can use various types of optical illusions in wall graphics that will hold customer’s attention longer than a traditional wall graphic might, and perhaps make them want to continue exploring your retail space.

Use graphics to tell a story

Some of the best advertising and marketing tells a story that gets consumers invested in a product or service. Businesses may do this through memorable characters in television commercials or ongoing themes in print or online ads. You can use wall graphics to tell a compelling story, perhaps nonverbally, that leads customers into your business and guides them towards your products.

Suppose you have a store, and you want to guide customers to peruse your products along a particular path. You could begin with an eye-catching mural at the store’s entrance, followed by something — an arrow, perhaps — indicating that the story will continue as they move further into the store. The story you tell is up to you. A skilled designer and print shop can help you make it a reality.

Get creative with AlphaGraphics!

From the initial graphic designing phase all the way through printing and installation, the AlphaGraphics Northwest San Antonio team is equipped to handle your most creative ideas. Get in touch with us today!

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