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Capabilities of Flatbed Printing:

What is a Flatbed Printer and What Can it Produce?

A flatbed printer is an industrial printer that utilizes some of the latest advances in printing technology. A flatbed printer is also often referred to as a UV flatbed printer because it uses an ultraviolet LED light, in contrast to other printing processes that use extreme heat to cure the print. [youtube]

Is UV flatbed printing more durable than traditional methods?

The advantage of UV printing on the flatbed printer is that the high-quality images produced are more resistant to scratches, sun exposure and wear and tear than traditional printing methods. How does UV printing work? Gel Nail Hardening with UV LightThe UV printing process on our flatbed printer is less extensive than the traditional printing process. It doesn’t require any post-print process such as high-heat curing or drying. Instead, flatbed printers use the ultraviolet LED light to cure ink droplets as soon as they touch the surface of the substrate. Because the ink cures immediately, it doesn’t spread out, allowing for a very precise, high-quality print. This inventive process was first used for quickly drying gel nail polishes during manicures. The process rapidly expanded into industrial markets including substrate printing.

What materials does flatbed printing support?

Assortment of Substrates for the Flatbed PrinterNow back to printing, you might be asking yourself what exactly is a flatbed printer capable of printing on? With a flatbed printer, we can print on almost any substrate or base material that is flat and up to an inch thick. The flatbed printer can print on PVC, metal, foam board, cardboard, magnets, acrylic, wood, etc. Oh, and did we mention that you can even do specialized projects to print on glass, fabrics, and ceiling and floor tiles? And don’t forget about large print formats such as site signs, real estate signs and other indoor or outdoor displays. Printing on Wood with the Flatbed PrinterThe list goes on and on, so the question you should ask yourself is “What can’t I print on?” At AlphaGraphics Logan, we will produce the high quality product you need for a business or personal use. So, what are you waiting for? Call us at (435) 753-9598 or request a quote below to take advantage of our UV flatbed printer! [wpforms id="225" title="true"]

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