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Stickers - The Stickiest Form Of Brand Marketing

Stickers for Marketing Purposes

Whether it’s on the back of a laptop, strategically placed on a water bottle, or slapped on a road sign, the message of a sticker has the tendency to, well, stick. This tendency allows stickers to be a powerful force for brand marketing. If you are looking to increase the most trusted form of marketing, word-of-mouth, then stickers are the way to do it—and where else would you go to make them besides the Logan, Utah, AlphaGraphics?


People trust other people—it’s why customers are obsessed with making and reading reviews. Stickers are one method to create word-of-mouth marketing, the most trusted form of marketing. When someone has a branded sticker on their bumper or binder, it’s their own personal way of endorsing the brand and saying, “This company is awesome!” If you want people to say that and do some free promotion for you, print some stellar sticker designs at the Logan, Utah, AlphaGraphics and try it for yourself.


Nowadays, advertising can seem overwhelming with all the different media and methods available to you, but some are too expensive to justify. Stickers, on the other hand, reach many different audiences and are affordable to make. Being low cost, they are one of the highest-exposure marketing tools available. By designing and distributing stickers properly, they will be great assets to your brand awareness for little investment.


At AlphaGraphics, we promote personalization—which is why the stickers we print are totally customizable. The design is completely yours. When a design is eye-catching or familiar, a sticker can lead to an engaging conversation, product promotion and potential new clients. Typically, a sticker will be a logo, but that doesn’t mean you can’t break out and make original designs specifically for your stickers. Designers should keep in mind their message, audience, primary goal and create from there.


There are many ways to deliver stickers to your market. People often give stickers as gifts or giveaway items at trade shows or other public events. AlphaGraphics also promotes other unique ideas for distributing stickers such as:
  • Decals for product promotion
  • Branded labels for gifts
  • Die-cut stickers for event packets
  • Custom product and warning labels
Through the AlphaGraphics in Logan, Utah, you can be sure that whatever your stickers will be used for, they will be printed with the best and longest-lasting materials.

Getting Started

Make your brand and message “stick” with your audience by designing and printing a custom batch of stickers through AlphaGraphics. Call us at 435-753-9598 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="225" title="true"]  

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