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5 Tips for a Successful Brand Strategy

Thinking Outside of the Box

Were you raised with a parent reminding you that there is only one ‘you’? Here at AlphaGraphics in Logan, Utah, we want to remind you as well. There is only one business like yours. There is something that makes you unique from the rest of the competition, or your business wouldn’t exist. Using your unique product or service to your brand strategy is a way to break through the clutter of competitors. This will require a brainstorming session to brand and market outside of the box. By looking at examples in your industry, you can gauge how exaggerated your content or message needs to be.

Brand Strategy Consistency

Though it sounds easy, maintaining a consistent message and content across the board can be challenging. By developing brand guidelines, you can refer to predetermined fonts, colors, styles, etc. By paying close attention to internal branding and corporate culture, you can remain consistent with all of your work starting with the employees. A few tips to consider is ensuring that your on-boarding and training programs incorporate brand values, providing branded items to create internal brand loyalty and developing collateral to explain the roles of each department in fulfilling your brand promise. The more branding is all around, the more likely your employees and customers will all be on the same page.

Appropriate Branding Content Calendar

Your average Joe can post content on your social media platforms, but by planning it appropriately and tailored to the events of each month, your videos and content can be in line with your brand’s mission and goals. Actively look for opportunities to create content that supports your brand and company values. Although it takes time to create, by always referring and updating it, you can plan your branding strategy more effectively.

target audience for your brand strategy | Logan, UT | AlphaGraphicsIdentify Your Target Audience

You can’t get very far if you don’t know who you’re talking to. A baby store probably won’t target a senior citizen golf club. Remembering that your customers are people with personalities is one thing, but then you need to find a way to resonate and communicate with them on their level and platform. When you know your target audience, you can then develop content that will be beneficial to both parties.

Track and Analyze Data

This step is most crucial of all. When you've determined your target audience and took the appropriate actions, your pivotal step is to now see how you can improve. Data determines your ROI, your strengths and your weaknesses. By using your data, your brand strategy can then adapt only for improvement. The word 'research' or 'analyze' may sound boring to some, but that means you're at a point where you can only improve based on the knowledge you collect.

Getting Started

Our team of experts at AlphaGraphics in Logan, Utah, is trained in marketing, printing and design. We want to see other businesses succeed through useful tips and tricks of the trade. Come in today to see how we can help you increase your brand identity and create a strategy that’s right for your company. Call us at 435-753-9598 or request a quote below to get started today! [wpforms id="225" title="true"]

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